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Marijuana, Free Speech And The Right To Know

Jim Finnel

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The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws in Canada (NORML), Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy (CSSDP) and NDP MP Libby Davies today called for an immediate investigation into the actions of Wawota Parkland School's Principal Susan Wilson in the case of 15 year old Kieran King, who was threatened with police action and ultimately suspended for talking to his fellow students about the relative harmfulness of marijuana.

Marc-Boris St. Maurice, Executive Director of NORML Canada, stated "We are calling for an immediate investigation into this clear breach of Mr. King's charter rights. We are also calling for the immediate suspension of Principal Wilson pending the results of the investigation and are looking into what other legal action can be taken. What has occurred here is a serious assault on the freedom of speech of a student whose sole crime was to engage in academic debate."

Libby Davies, NDP MP for Vancouver East commented: "I respect Kieran's right to debate issues that are important to young people. There are a lot of academics that agree with Kieran's assessment of the comparative health risks of marijuana, alcohol and tobacco. It sounds like he's done his homework."

"Mr. King was threatened with police action for voicing an opinion that is well established in fact and science: that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol and tobacco. When he staged a walkout to defend his right to freedom of speech he was suspended, causing him to miss his final exams. Canadians ought to be outraged at the treatment this student has received for voicing an opinion." Said Tara Lyons, Chair of CSSDP.

"The information the school was providing was wrong. The information Mr. King shared with his classmates was scientifically supported fact based on the findings of the federal LeDain and Nolin commissions. Now Mr. King stands to lose 30% of his final marks for expressing his opinion and refusing to be intimidated. Principal Wilson needs to be held to account for this flagrant abuse of this young man's rights and Mr. King needs to be allowed to take his final exams.", said St. Maurice.

NORML Canada and CSSDP will be filing a request for an investigation with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission as well as with the Federal minister of Justice and the Provincial minister of Education.

For more information please contact Marc-Boris St. Maurice, Executive Director of NORML Canada
/For further information: Marc-Boris St-Maurice 514-808-8682/

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