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Marijuana Growers Will Be Missing Something (w/pics)

Jim Finnel

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Now that's a lot of pot!... It's that time of year when police begin searching for illegal marijuana plants growing in fields and wooded areas across our area. These 300 plants were discovered on Tuesday in Latimore Township, Adams County.

According to Adams County District Attorney Shawn Wagner, the plants siezed would be worth $600,000-$1,000,000 if it were dried, processed, and sold on the street.

Wagner says whoever planted the illegal crops knew what they were doing, and went great lengths to keep their marijuana growing strong.

Police say the plants were being fertilized, and potting soil found around the root ball indicates that they were first grown inside a pot, and then transplanted outdoors later.

Samples of the marijuana plants will be saved as evidence for a potential trial, if suspects are caught. The plants were placed inside the State Police impound area for a brief time, and will then be destroyed just a few hours after being pulled from the ground.






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Was that DA coating his fingers w/ resin as he stood there smiling w/ a plant in his hands?
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