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Marijuana Helps Sick Cancer Patients

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To the voters in the state of Arizona, I am writing this letter in reference to the marijuana initiative that could be in the state ballot this year. I am celebrating my fourth season as a snowbird and my fifth year as a stage four cancer survivor, having had non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

The Compassionate Use Act for marijuana had already been voted into law in California. My oncologist allowed me any drug I needed, including marijuana, for nausea and pain associated with chemotherapy.

I would stand in front of God or Congress and testify as to the benefits of marijuana for anyone undergoing cancer treatments, in particular chemotherapy. The pills prescribed for my nausea cost $100 each and were not helpful.

I had never experienced such a depth of sickness when I began my chemo. My son brought me some marijuana joints in the hospital. I was assisted by hospital staff to go to a smoking area in order to consume the herb.

I had absolutely no more nausea after I started the marijuana use and for the first time in weeks, had some hunger.

I cannot emphasize enough how important the marijuana initiative can be to those in dire need. I thank you in advance for your voting attention in this matter and urge you to reaffirm this compassionate act in November.

Source: The Yuma Sun
Copyright: 2008, The Yuma Sun
Contact: GREG FORSHT, Foothills
Website: Opinion: Marijuana helps sick cancer patients | marijuana, nausea, cancer : YumaSun
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