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Marijuana infused almond milk or nut milk?


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Hey, so I just recently started making my own almond and nut milks. Delicious! i was wondering if anyone had any recipes for infusing these milks with thc. they are high in fat so i think it should work. anyone have any experience with this? any thoughts?


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thanks big momma, i think i will for sure give it a try next time i have enough to spare. and btw, berdawg and chancedebris, almond milk is fuckin delicious! if you drink milk, you should reconsider nutmilks. dairy milk is for babies, we are the only animals on earth that drink milk after infancy. does this not seem a bit strange to you? almond and other nutmilks are easy to make, taste wonderful, make you feel wonderful, and may have the potential to get you high! i'll post the results once i give it a try.


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so just in time for 4/20 i decided to give it a try. i'm blasted. quickly i'll try and explain how i made this extremely easy and potent brew. to make the almond milk you need:
1. 1/4 cup of raw, blanched (no skin) almonds.
2. 2 cups of water
3. blender food processor
4. strainer or cheese cloth

how to do it:
1. put the almonds and water in food processor and turn that shit on! do it for a while, about 5 mins. you'll notice that it turns white and frothy just like real milk.
2. strain it!
now you got almond milk!

how i infused it with marijuana:
I took one cup of almond milk and brought it to a boil in a sauce pan. after it boils add the weed (i used .5 grams of dank). bring it down to a simmer and simmer that shit for like 45! stir every 10 mins or so. then all you got to do is strain it again to get the weed chunks out. i added a little honey and drank it warm, and like i said, i'm very pleasantly lifted.
hope you guys take the time to try this out, it worked great, and was possibly the best tasting drink i've had for weeks. try this, you will not be disappointed. good luck and happy 420!
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Awesome innovation friend! Your a 420 kitchen HERO! :surf:

Almond milk is awesome, and great if you have a lactose-intolerant girlfriend. I keep telling her to be more tolerant but she refuses :lot-o-toke:

On another note, almond milk and nut milks do not keep as long I think.

When I have my own place I want to take the ice cream recipe someone put on here, but infuse Coconut milk/creme instead of regular milk. C.nut icecream is the CREAMIEST and most deliciously smooth ice cream ever. :Hookah:


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thanks THsea! i'm glad someone here recognizes how awesome almond milk is. even awesome-er with weed in it! i think you're right about the shelf life though. a quick google search says around a week, tho most people claim they drink it right away considering how tasty it is. also a little research shows that it's been around since the middle ages, considering it doesn't need refrigeration and is high in fat. i thought that was pretty cool.
good idea about the coconut milk, i'll be sure to give it a try, it sounds delicious.
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