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Marijuana Law Reform Rally


Member of the Month: Feb 2012
Time September 18 · 2:00pm - 5:00pm


Location Street-Side Hartford Capital Building


Created By Peter Angelini


More Info In front of: CT.gov: The State Capitol

There is a worldwide rally coming up on September 18th for the release and honor of Mark Emery. Now, CT has had many hurdles when it comes to marijuana law reform. Mostly, Jodi Rell.. however that won't last much longer as she is leaving office. We have made medical legislation make it to her desk in 2007 only to receive a veto. Though, that should also show hope... and it should encourage all of us to work harder now that we know leadership is on the shift. We could make legislation get to a Governor's desk before, we can make it happen again!

Reform, day by day, is increasing awareness, conversation, changing state laws. If you read news articles a lot like I do you know there are a lot of organizations day by day stating their support FOR prop. 19 in California. The awareness and success is increasing across the Country and in New England, states like Maine and Rhode Island is great examples of how it could work! Opening up dispensaries for medical patients. Modeling business plans after established places like Harbor Side and Berkley Patients Group. Also, states like Massachusetts demonstrating peaceful events like the Boston Freedom Rally - which goes off each year bigger and better with greater success.


We need to take advantage of organizing rallies in Hartford, and possibly other areas like New Haven as well. It's all about stirring up talk and awareness and every time there is a protest in front of our state's capital, later you see the hard work pay off within the media. Newspapers or news programs. Guess what? People see that each and every time and it builds a pushing movement in CT for legislation that Martin Looney (my best friends relative) submits.

Let's come together and rally on September 18th in Hartford in front of our state's capital building! If we all tell our supporters I'm sure we each could bring a significant amount of people to help cheer on. Feed back in Hartford is always positive from local commuters passing by. Cars, buses, ambulance drivers, and more all in favor of what we are doing. Let's make some progress this year! Let's make it happen!
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