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Marijuana Less Dangerous Than Tobacco

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In the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act, marijuana and hemp were combined and both criminalized. Although they are both from the family of cannabis sativa, the are different plants, like a cocker spaniel and a wolf are from the family of canis lupus.

Marijuana is grown for the high THC content. Hemp is grown for its use as seeds, oil and fibers and other useful products. We must always remember that even though illegal, in 1942 the government produced the movie "Hemp for Victory," needing the products made from hemp for the war effort and encouraging farmers to grow it, even distributing the seeds to them. In 1945, it was immediatley made illegal again.

Some say that marijuana is more dangerous than cigarettes although cigarettes contain 4,000 chemical, 50 of which are known carcinogens, while marijuana contains 400 chemicals, none of which are known carcinogens.

If people such as state Rep. Toni Boucher are going to talk about something [Opinion, April 3, "No Retreat: Mirijuana Is Dangerous To Society As Well As Users"], perhaps they should constrain themselves to those subjects they know something about.

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