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Marijuana Loves Mozart


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Some may balk at Bach, but police say classical music was one Fort Worth man's secret formula for successfully growing marijuana.

Stephen Morris, 39, was arrested on suspicion of drug possession Wednesday night after narcotics officers found a hydroponic marijuana-growing operation inside his home in the 5700 block of Hiett Court in southeast Fort Worth.

Lt. Robert Rangel said that although the operation was small, it was elaborate and included soilless growing tubs, ventilation and irrigation systems.

Timed lights and a radio playing classical music were used to promote the plants' growth, he said.

"The side of the plants that were closest to where he had the music on were the ones that were flourishing," Rangel said.

Officers seized about 10 full-grown marijuana plants, dozens of others still in seeding pods
in the house, Rangel said.

He said it appeared that other marijuana plants had already been harvested.

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Very interesting article. Do any of you growers excite your ladies with music?


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well, I love Reggae and Mozart and Prince and other high quality stuff with good "vibrations" and listen all day long to it and since my plants grow wonderfully with sticky buds for us it's a wonderful symbiosis.
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