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Marijuana: Mega-Business for the Mexican Mafia Oregon's Miserable, Misguided Response


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On April 25, 2010 The Oregonian headlined POT GROWERS MAKE RURAL OREGON THEIR OWN. The Oregon Department of Health Services (DHS), The Oregon Medical Board (OMB) and The Oregon Legislature all like little Bo Peep lost their sheep and bumbled miserably about Marijuana/Cannabis (MJ/C) as medicine.

It is impossible to understand how ignorant the whole bunch of them could be. I guess they saw the movie Reefer Madness too many times AND believed it. Surprise, Surprise it's a whole bunch of ignorant misleading hogwash. There was nothing factual about any of it and there is nothing factual about its danger and addictiveness. It is neither dangerous not addicting. On the contrary, it is one of the safest most useful medicines ever found. With a safe medical history going back at least 5000 years with no deaths and no harm ever. About a dozen of our Presidents are known to have used it!! Bad example??

I had personally known of Marijuana's use since about 1928 in Southern Oregon which may seem surprising. It was presumed to have entered New Orleans about 1910 but obviously Mexicans had been using it since the Spaniards came there in the 1500's and many were in California and Oregon.

My own children in high school were using it unknown to me in the 1960's when its use mushroomed in colleges and high schools.

In truth, it was widely used as medicine and in confections from about 1850 onwards and never stopped or slowed down until 1937. Some of my legal Marijuana patients had been using it for 50 plus years dating to the 1930's.

When Medical Marijuana became legal in 1999, I was swarmed as a Marijuana doctor and I eventually helped about 6000 get permits.

The weird attitude of the DHS, the OMB, the Police organizations and the Legislature was beyond understanding. All of them certainly knew of someone who had used Marijuana. It certainly didn't harm them — maybe a little "tipsy".

In the meantime the Mexican Mafia moved in. They want it to remain illegal. They are making billions of dollars and are selling it in every state. In effect, they control the market. In Oregon, they probably grow it or at least sell it in EVERY county. If our police didn't do anything else they could NOT control this illegal activity.

There is only one way to break up the Mexican Mafia's control of this illegal business — make it legal so everybody could grow their own. The Mexicans would be out of business over night.


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Oregon's Miserable, Misguided Response
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