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Marijuana Might Be Legal In Canada By July


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The Toronto Star reported "an Ontario Superior Court judge has ruled that the federal medical marijuana program is unconstitutional, giving the government three months to fix the problem before pot is effectively legalized."

Canadians have been fighting for marijuana reform since 1973, when the LeDain Commission called for an end to the criminalization of citizens who possess and cultivate marijuana. At the time, the medicinal effects of marijuana were being recorded and the criminality of marijuana possession was becoming scrutinized by the public and lawmakers alike.

To rational human beings, the idea a teenager would be branded a criminal for life for possessing a small amount of marijuana seems ludicrous. In Canada, this is one of the primary reasons for marijuana reform. (In the United States, our harsh drug laws were designed to incarcerate generations of low-income and ethnic offenders, becoming the bedrock of our prison culture.)

Canadian lawmakers have danced around the issue since 2001, when the legal regulation of medical marijuana use was introduced. However, many doctors believe there is no scientific evidence that marijuana has any medicinal effects whatsoever. Furthermore, Canadian doctors are uncomfortable with their role as "gatekeepers" to marijuana therapy. This is fair, as it is a societal, legal and cultural issue–not a medical one.

The creation of medical marijuana laws has cost the government its ability to criminalize marijuana use. If the Canadian government doesn't appeal the court's decision within three months pot will not only be decriminalized in Canada (such as getting a parking ticket) it will be legalized.

The ruling comes from a case where a 37-year-old man suffering from fibromyalgia, scoliosis and seizures took to growing his own pot because it was too complicated and time-consuming to work with doctors.

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It all comes down to the government never had the right in the first place.


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Well,i guess if that does happen i will have a new vacation spot.I think i might just move there,i mean free healthcare,legal pot, and you never hear of any of the same old crap our government feeds us going up there.:tokin::tokin::tokin:


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I'm going to Amsterdam this June I guess they won't have to break my arm to spend my summers in Canada.It's a lot closer just shows what we do for a little freedom. :peace2:

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I wonder what will be considered a constitutional program however ? Will health canada remove plant counts altogether and only require you have a letter of diagnosis from your Dr who then makes it our own decision how much we need each day ? Or will they simply have Health canada issue a memo to Dr's saying unless you want marijuana legal in canada by july start prescribing pot to any patient who asks for it for now and we will get the education packets together in the meantime so you can tailor the amounts prescribed. No they will appeal this as they have everytime the MMAD program has been found unconstitutional which I think this is the 3rd time, and we even had a summer of legal weed already when a decision such as this basically made pot legal for a summer.


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This is good in a way, progress always is, but will i still be able to include my expenses in my medical portion of my tax return? Will i still be allowed the same "rights" as i am now being a registered member? Possesion/storage/travel is allowed to a certain amount now but how will this portion be affected, if at all? Travel exemptions are for Canadian travel only.

Legal Medicine is GREAT but being able to include the expenses incurred in my/your tax return is a BIG plus for me/others considering my/their financial posistion and of course the possesion allowance is a nice thing, i hate bored cop's sending me to court for $20 of herb.

Government in and of itself is unconstitutional, IMHO of course....



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As things keep falling apart economy wise the people can only pay so much and they can only shuffle around so much they've hid the real cost so long because when it sees the light something has to change they might even have to actually listening to the all the people not just the ones that agree with them. :peace:
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