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Confrontational rhetoric is not uncommon in an election year, but curiously in California, the
Clinton administration has joined issue with the Californian state government over the use of
marijuana as medicine. Some say cannabis or ganja impairs vision and clouds perspective.
That's equally true when people debate its medicinal use. Many are yet to overcome their
visceral dislike of the dum maaro dum generation and its rebellion against the establishment
and family values in favour of permissiveness. This time, the ball for the needless `pot war'
was set rolling, when California's lawmakers sanctioned a grant of dollars three million to San
Diego and San Francisco universities to establish a centre for research in medicinal cannabis in
San Diego. Rumblings began four years ago, when the California legislature enacted a law to
make cannabis use legal for medical purposes.

California isn't the only state legislature to do so. Laws permitting medical marijuana were
adopted in six other states. "It is a tribute to the vision of the California legislature", claim the
supporters, that "the politics of marijuana is behind us. The issue is now properly in the
hands of physicians and research technicians". But even the supporters realise the potential
for abuse discernible in the many ad hoc cannabis buyers' clubs which have sprung up. Many
doctors say that marijuana should be shifted from its unfortunate placement in Schedule 1
drugs along with heroin to a schedule 2 drug (with potentially addictive drugs like morphine
and cocaine). The tocsin for the pot war was heard in the U.S. district judge's proposal that
doctors who prescribe marijuana (for medicinal cures) be stripped of their registration

President Clinton famously confessed that he had smoked but never inhaled cannabis.

And in election year 2000, the Clinton administration is clearly reluctant to be seen as
sanctioning even medicinal use of a drug that many voters associate with the drug abuses of
the 1960s. The Clinton administration claims that between 1993 and 1998 there has been a
155 per cent spurt among patients being treated for cannabis addiction.

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Note: This article is in error as the California medicinal cannabis law
(Prop 215) was passed by the voters and not the legislature, as were
medicinal cannabis laws in 6 other states in 1998
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