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Marijuana Myths


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:cheer:wow this actaully sounds like my 12 grade english paper! EVERY ONE NEEDS TO PRINT THIS OFF AND HAND THEM OUT TO EVERY ONE 20 A DAY!!!!! DO IT YOU WILL ENJOY DECRIMINALIZATION!!.:rollit::rollit:


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hello people---to the above statement,,,10yrs to legalize pot,,,NO NOW--WE HAVE WAITED LONG ENOUGH FOR THE LEGALIZATION OF GODS GREEN HERB---so get on the phone,,,call somebody---write---somebody---do something,,a sign,,,,protest,,,whatever turns U on,,,and collectively our voices will be heard,,,and those who oppose us,,expose them,,and get them out of their positons of influence,,,THIS SPRING,,,,IS THE TIME TO ACT,,,,F.G.S,,,AKA,,,iinfoman,,,drinfo,,,,ohio,,,peace


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I think after reading the section on tobacco you have convinced me to quit smoking ciggarettes lol


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it is Marijuana Myths. There is no evidence that marijuana use is a cause of brain damage. it is a very great news for us.


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IF alcohol is legal then it is insane that marijuana would be more people die from alcohol poisoning or drinking and driving. I have never once heard of someone dieing from marijuana. Besides marijuana can help people with sever conditions such as chonic severe pain, glacoma(and not only for pain) cance,r seizure disorders, muscle spasms, crohns disease, chronic nause,a cachexia, IBS, heb c, Parkinsons, multiple scierosis, and many many more.


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It's nice to see credible sources. I think that's why most people don't take real marijuana facts seriously. If we can all spread the word with hard facts instead of just random ones you hear about on the internet, it would really help the legalization movement. I mean, if someone reads that and is still against marijuana, they have absolutely no common sense. It's stupidity, and I don't condone stupidity.


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I can only speak for myself but how could anyone believe that pot makes you violent? I get cranky when I run out, but I am not going to bust somebody in the head when I'm ripped, unless of course they ate all the Cheetos:smokin2:


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Yes but too much of anything isn't good.

I started smoking more frequently and I've actually had better memory and general mood. The thing is, I used to have insomnia, and now I can sleep at night and wake up early.
Not enough of it is a bad thing too!


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Dude, you honestly studder more?
That's weird man, how much do you smoke a day?
I may not smoke as much as some people on here, 2-3 times a week, but I havn't felt ANY negative effects, other than on my lungs and throat right after I smoke.

I was thinking the very same thing.Great quote !


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Dude, I was thinking the exact same thing.:roorrip:
Great quote !!!!

Dude, you honestly studder more?
That's weird man, how much do you smoke a day?
I may not smoke as much as some people on here, 2-3 times a week, but I havn't felt ANY negative effects, other than on my lungs and throat right after I smoke.


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Originally Posted by hstisgod
I think regardless of what tests show..marijuana unfortunately...because im addicted....does indeed slow your mind after frequent use...I stutter more nowadays.. than I would normally..Marijuana makes me a paranoid individual...Im always wondering if someone else is talking about me...Nonetheless...it doesnt not give me liver disease...nor does it entice me into commiting a triple homicide... and it almost always keeps me from driving intoxicated... but still my memory capabilities are slowly deterirorating... day after day...IF anything... keep this movie quote in mind..."Nothing exceeds like excess."


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stuttering and paranoia.. there my be other things within your grasp you my be smokin ( instead of herb) to cause this to happen. consider this, when i was younger i had a bad studdering problem all the way till jr high school .. when i started smokin (herb) on a daily basis then it slowly dissipated as i smoked more .. now im 26 years old but dont smoke as much as i used to four years ago( job dont allow it ) an it had stated to come back to a point, the studdering that is. so all im sayin dont lie to your self other things can contribute you these symptoms dont put the blam on the budda.

hail the leaf !:ganjamon:


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The only important thing that was not mentioned here is this. The smoke is cooled when using a bong. Tobacco is usually inhaled hot. This is not good. I could say, cooled smoke is less dangerous than hot smoke. Bong POT for thought!!


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You can find the estimates of the lethal dose of marijuana, along with links to the sources at What is the lethal dose of marijuana? at What is the lethal dose of marijuana?

According to which Federal Government authority you want to believe, the lethal dose is either one-third your body weight, or 1,500 pounds, consumed in about fifteen minutes.

A friend of mine was the head of the pharmacology department at a major university. He said he was hired by the DEA to find the lethal dose of marijuana in rats. He said he couldn't find a dose that was big enough to kill a rat. They would go to sleep for a long time and wake up none the worse for wear.

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Wait what woman?

I dont know about that I have been smoking since I was young and am now 45 . When I was young I smoked 1/4 or more per day but quit for 4 years. After a couple years I started smoking again about 2-3g per day after a fairly long break . Presently I suffer from a degenerative vertebrae whose left facet joint is worn away and another vertebrae with a calcified disk with a moderate size clacified protrusion and the nerve root can be seen exiting the above the protrusion. So far my drhas treated me with tylenol 3 adn 4 ,toradol, flexril,arthrotec, naproxen, oxycocet oxycontin and demerol. But the muscle relaxants and anti inflamatory meds caused severe nausea all the time making it difficult to function let alone keep up with my teenage kids as I was also having reactions to the pain relievers where I couldnt concentrate was falling asleep and losing track of time especially when driving as well as having suicidal thoughts from the depression I was experiencing being wired all the time so I choose to get off the opiates but as I had been on them a long time and also needed pain relief I had no choice but to use methadone as i still require pain relief but didnt want to worry about the buzz the meds cause to entice me into going on a binge. Anywasys I have found cannabis does relieve 60-85% of my pain by mainly relieveing the muscle spasms and I have found no problems with dependancy or addiction as I can choose to not use it no problem in fact if I am having good days with little pain ill just take a advil or to instead but for the worst days I need cannabis but I font feel anyone should have to resort to breaking the law to relieve suffering and I personally feel that it is unconstitutional that untill I find a DR who will get involved with the medicinal marijuana program I am forced to break the law to recieve treatment that according to the medicinal marijuana act I am fully eligible for .
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