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Marijuana Party Creates Little Political Buzz


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The leaders of the province's two biggest political parties are feeling pretty mellow about the new Saskatchewan Marijuana Party.

The Marijuana party was registered as an official provincial party this week by Elections Saskatchewan, enabling it to field candidates under the party name, raise and spend money and issue tax receipts for donations.

But NDP Premier Lorne Calvert and Saskatchewan Party Opposition Leader Brad Wall weren't concerned Friday that the party would cause much of a buzz among Saskatchewan voters.

"I think we all recognize that some of the issues that this party has at the fore of their agenda tend to be more federal issues, tend to be Criminal Code issues. But it's a democratic process. Folks want to get together and form a party, it happens," Calvert told reporters Friday.

Saskatchewan Marijuana Party president Ethan Erkiletian told The StarPhoenix Wednesday there would be no public statement from the party until June 20.

Like other marijuana parties in Canada, it is expected to advocate the legalization of the possession and cultivation of cannabis.

Wall said he hadn't given much thought to the new party.

"I don't think there's a great opportunity for vote-splitting among many of the parties, but I guess we'll see that unfold."

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