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Marijuana Plantation Found In Gorge

Jim Finnel

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The Skamania County Sheriff’s office discovered about 4,500 marijuana plants growing about 10 miles east of Stevenson on Wednesday.

The outdoor operation was found near a steep hillside above the Columbia River. There were no homes in the area, but items found at the site indicated people had been living there while tending the plants.

Up to six suspects wearing camouflage clothing were spotted from an aircraft flying over the site. One was taken into custody. That person’s name was not available Wednesday.

Deputies, along with officers from the Clark-Skamania Drug Task Force, were removing the plants Wednesday. The plants will have to be airlifted because of the steep terrain.

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they didnt knw who they were it waz just routen im sure flew over picked up heat signature did same thing a few more dayz picked up tha kill then they were fuked steap 2 like they said hard 2 get out of in a hurry
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