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Marijuana Plants Identity Outed On TV

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
A Loddekopinge, Sweden, couple say they did not realize the impressively sized plant in their garden was marijuana until they saw cannabis plants on TV.

Helge and Helga Nilsson said they nurtured the mystery plant until it reached a height of 60 inches -- then they saw a report on TV about drugs and were shown images of cannabis plants, The Local reported Monday.

"Lord, Helge -- we've got one of those in the garden," Nilsson told her husband after viewing the report.

The Nilssons said they are planning to remove the plant based on advice from the Lund Botanical Gardens. However, they said they will be sad to say goodbye to the pretty green plant.

"It's really quite decorative," Helge Nilsson said.

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