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Marijuana Season Begins In Southwest Georgia

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Thomas County Narcotics agents say marijuana is the most common drug in the county. Now that the cooler temperatures begin to fade, many people in southwest Georgia will begin to grow marijuana outdoors.

"They watch the weather just like a farmer does, anytime they think it's safe and there won't be another frost they will start putting it in the ground outdoors, said Kevin Lee Commander of Thomas County Narcotics Unit.

Agents say southwest Georgia is a prime area for growing marijuana because of the heavy woods and many creeks. They say growing marijuana outdoors is more popular here because it is less expensive than an indoor operation.

"When you use grow lights it requires a lot of electricity so a lot of people get scared of that it may make your electricity bill go up, they are afraid we monitor those things which we do," said Kevin Lee.

Officials say they usually make 10 to 20 arrests a month however now they anticipate more because the season is starting. Most recently Alphonso Walden, Demetrius Spencer and Rashard Revels were arrested at a house in Thomas County,where drug agents found 10 bags of marijuana inside. However, years ago Thomas County had bigger problems.

"At one time Thomas County had the largest record in the country on seizures back in the mid 90's the drug squad administration seized 140,000 plants, i believe it was," said Captain John Richards of the Thomas County Sheriff's Office.

Officials say that now thanks to technology it is easier to catch marijuana growers and make arrests. However Drug agents ask that people be on the lookout for suspicious plants or activities especially in wooded areas.

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