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There is an abundance of Marijuana Seeds on the market today, and they are available at just about any price you would care to pay. A simple Google search will turn up hundreds of seedbanks, with prices anywhere from $10/pack to $400/pack.

The amount of money spent on marijuana seeds is determined by the growers` desire to obtain the best seeds, the particular strains he/she wants, and the resources available to spend on them.

Some marijuana seed banks sell top-quality marijuana seeds for top dollar, while others are much more reasonably priced. Of course, consideration must be given to the genetics of these seeds. Many, many "original strains" are actually crosses that the seed banks do not advertise as such.

Cheap marijuana seeds can be desired, for several reasons - lack of resources, commercial value of the strain, practicality for the novice grower, or simply as a personal preference.

There are hundreds of strains of marijuana on the market today, and hundreds more being developed daily. Most buyers, particularly the younger ones, will buy the name-brand seeds because they wish to know exactly what they are growing.

Older seed buyers are more willing to buy the less-expensive marijuana seeds, on the theory that "weed is weed".

Other seed buyers look at the overall genetics and potency of the seedbank seeds, operating on the theory that if the seedbank has all "good quality" marijuana seeds, then those that are marked down must be worthwhile, also. And this usually proves to be true.

Some medical marijuana sites sell cheap seeds, and these seeds turn out to have a consistent quality to them that is hard to find anywhere. Other medical marijuana sites sell "cheap seeds" for more than a high-dollar seedbank would charge.

Taking into account the fact that all marijuana has THC in it, and that the quality and potency depends as much on the grower as it does the genetics, then cheap seeds, from a reputable seedbank, should be considered a bargain.

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This post sounds like a advertisement for a well known Seed-Bank that is to be found on every marijuana web-site. :yahoo::yahoo: RD :peace::peace:


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I have gone with some of the theories stated here, and most holds very true. I order from reputable banks and get what would be considered mediocre by the bank, and have had outstanding results given conditions be ideal "10~15usd e.a". I have friends that order seeds that run ~2usd or less a seed and have great results, not my taste but it worked for them. I doubt tho that I would ever order seeds that where in the range of 25usd e.a. or more simply for the fact that I would be going by "their" word that it is "Pure" in genetics, and it can simply not be proven.. So why pay for a verbal or written reassurance.. just my 2cents that globally is worth crap.


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In essence, you get what you pay for.. Besides $400 packs, that's just nonsense.
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