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Marijuana & Sleep

The Mad Toker

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Just thought I'd throw is out there and see what you guys think. I know many of us smoke before going to bed to help you sleep. I've read alot about how marijuana intoxication affects the ammount of time it takes for our brains to go into REM mode so conducted a little experiment.

On days I have to work I typically get about 6-8 hours a sleep during the day (I work night shifts). I found that if I smoke a bowl or two when I get home in the morning before going to bed that when I wake up I dont feel all that fully rested. However if I abstain from smoking it takes me longer to fall asleep and I wake up feeling a little more rested.

On days off I get 12+ hours of sleep if I have absolutly nothing to do for the whole day. I will usually smoke before going to bed and wake up feeling a little dopey for the first hour or so but after that feeling like a million bucks. If I dont smoke before going to bed I sleep for less time and feel a little tired throughout the time I am awake. Not to mention when I smoke before going to bed I can usually remember more dreams then if I dont smoke.


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Usually I Want To Smoke So That I Can Enjoy Being High, So That Means I Have To Do Something,either Go Somewhere Or Clean The House. If I Smoke And Don't Have Something To Do I Get Sleepy And Will Take A Stoner Nap. That Just Feels Like A Waste So I Try To Always Smoke About 2 Hours Before I Go To Sleep:23:


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I generally don't smoke befor I go to sleep unles I'm drunk. But on the otherhand I am deffinately stoned when I go to bed.


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I always smoke before sleep.I will usually pack up my chillum and hit it in bed right before I crash. I find that I fall asleep more quickly, and though I feel more groggy in the morning, I feel more rested as the days wears on. Though I never remember my dreams when I smoke.


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I've always felt that it was a waste to go to sleep baked. But as my arthritis becomes more intolerable I find myself stoning right before bed as it helps me fall asleep faster........and as TakeBingers mentioned I don't remember my dreams when I fry myself to sleep, perhaps I don't dream when I'm baked. I think we'll run some research on that tonight..........:3: :smokin3:


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I think I sleep longer when I go to sleep stoned (around 14 hrs) than when I go to sleep sober (about 10 hrs). Obviously, I have a lot of time on my hands ;)


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I have chronic insomnia, and weed helps me fall asleep.
I have gotten to the point that i don't care if i wake up groggy or not.


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Eating large doses of lecithin will return your dreams. I eat 9.6 grams a day and recommend it to anyone who consumes cannabis more than once a week. Read about it on Wikipedia if you're interested.

Yes, it's my first post here. hi everyone!


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I find that when I toke before bed I remember my dreams and in the morning I always feel great when I wake up. If I don't toke before bed I dont remember any dreams and feel kinda groggy.


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I think I sleep longer when I go to sleep stoned (around 14 hrs) than when I go to sleep sober (about 10 hrs). Obviously, I have a lot of time on my hands

hahahaha word...I find if i wake and bake to a jamacian shower imeditatly after waking up the groggy and tired effect from the green the pervious night will be be little or nothing and by the time you finish a shower eat some breakfast and brush your teeth your ready for the day.:rasta:


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I use medical marijuana to help me sleep. without my medicine, I go sometimes 2-3 days without sleep, and for a student, that's just not going to fly. I find, however, that when I smoke before, I"ll be rested, fall asleep faster, and sleep deeper through the night, but with a little bit of drowsiness (this happens at 5:30 in the morning) but all good after a shower. If I don't smoke, it takes longer for me to fall asleep, I wake up 2-3 times during the night, but I have intense dreams and wake up ready and rearin to go at 5:30. I think this just proves it effects everybody differently

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Marijuana most certainly has an effect on your sleep pattern.
I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and use strong indicas to suppress dreaming. My doc put me on to it after hearing about it from a colleague working in the Vietnam Veterans Counselling Service. A lot of Aussie Veterans are being put on to this in lieu of prescribed medication, as nothing is as effective as cannabis in suppressing nightmares.
The strong indicas clearly help with dream suppression, by interrupting Delta 4 and Delta 5 stages of sleep. The sleep is not as restful, but it sure beats the hell out of the nightmares.


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I know we all dream and I agree with Mr Moose that Indicas repress dreams..
I recall perhaps one dream a year. Normally it occurs when I refrain from cannabis.. about one day a year. Which is fine with me. :3: :peace:


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I have to take a gravity toke before i go to bed.. don't dream, but when i have quit smoking for 2 days started having crazy dreams.. would rather just smoke though fall asleep nice and easy ;)


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I a have a little nightly routine: make my coffee for the manana, charge cell phone and iPod, let the kitties in and lock up, turn big lights off and turn pothead lights on (lava lamp, little nightlite things), smoke a fat bowl, watch Adult Swim for a while, eat a bowl of cereal, fall a sleep with little Count Chocula marshmallows melting in my mouth, sweet dreams........

I really do have trouble sleeping and I find total routine helps alot, along with always waking up at the same time (even if I nap later that day).

I definitely sleep better when I'm high


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Indicas, hash/oil help me to have a deeper sleep where as Sativa keeps me up and not as restful...eating pot in food is a great way to get the beneficial drowsy effect of MJ and has the added benefit of lasting in your bloodstream a long time:laugh2:


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In my case I dont think I ever really smoke to go to bed, but im alwayz usually sonted around that time. I do like to toke and go to the bed with my girlfriend hehe.


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^ive been throught he sleeping in my car shit, boy does that fuckin suck the big one. Nothing like waking up with a fuckin neck ache like a mother, and hurting all over.

But anyway, i usualy dont smoke right before i sleep for i think thats a waste of good weed just to not be high. but im always high when i got to sleep cause im usualy stoned 24/7 so you know how that is.
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