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Marijuana Use As It Relates to Reality (In the NFL)


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"Pot", "Chronic", "Spleef", "Doobage", "Grass". "Ganja", "Maryjane" (if you're really old school), "Weed", call it whatever you want, it's as much a part of the NFL as shoulder pads and touchdown celebrations.

That's the reality. It's also a HUGE part of our culture and it has been for a long time. Personally, I'm not big on it anymore. I used to be. Hell, in high school I could do massive bong hits for breakfast and still be able to ace an exam, play dodgeball, work at the car wash after school and finish a term paper at night. But I'm older now and my body doesn't handle it as well. Plus, improvements in marijuana cultivation technology are such that if I take half a hit from a joint I'm melting into the sofa convinced I've travelled great distances from Planet Zeeblefloox in the 8th dimension.

Now, of course, the question is- would the NFL suffer if it removed restrictions on pot usage? For some the answer is an unequivocable yes. Fair enough. According to one argument, pot is illegal in every state in the union and therefore, if the NFL, wasn't in line with the law, it would cause a public relations nightmare. Good argument with one teeny, weeny problem- it's WRONG! Mostly.

State By State Laws - NORML

Above is a link to a site where you can read the specifics of the marijuana laws in each state. I counted 12 states where the possession of small amounts of marijuana- 1 oz. or less- results in NO CRIMINAL CHARGES. Granted that's a pretty small amount but still plenty enough for a good time at a Pink Floyd concert or a late night showing of "Airplane". In other words, it's not a criminal offense.

Some states give misdemeanor citations- meaning no jail time or criminal record for a first offense- similar to a traffic violation. Others, including Nebraska and Maine, give civil citations. I assume that's the same ticket you would get if the neighbors complained that your terrier ate their begonias.

You can't really argue that marijuana possession is FORBIDDEN in all 50 states. Well, you could I guess. But then you'd be a hair-splitter, a semantics queen, or just really wrong.

Now the other part of the argument suggests that the NFL, being first and foremost a business entity, would never remove the restrictions on pot because sponsors would jump ship. Are you SURE? The NFL wages a constant battle to keep the young audience tuned in. If you don't believe me, check out the way the sport is covered these days. There's more loud rock music, more camera angles and quicker jump cuts between shots than there have ever been before. Why? Kids like it is why. It's the video game generation, folks. And guess what goes REALLY WELL with video games- LOTS OF POT.

It won't happen this year. But soon, very soon, the NFL will change the restriction on marijuana use. I really believe that.

Someone pointed to LaDainian Tomlinson, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Donovan McNabb as positive role models for the NFL while Ricky Williams is grouped into a cast of "fellow misfits" Hmmm... Williams is a misfit for smoking pot? Or is he just a misfit because it doesn't seem like he really wants to stop?

And we're POSITIVE Manning and Brady don't smoke pot? I don't know, they both seem pretty laid back to me.

As for Donovan McNabb, well, maybe that explains why he's always hungry for soup.

Corporate entities be damned! Pot is here to stay.

And the debate continues...

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I loved this article, but I don't think the author realizes how much an ounce is....that's more than a fun night at a floyd concert!


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Did I understand that NORML map? Is NY the only state where a first offense for possession of less than an ounce is only a civil citation/fine? WTF?


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Ohio has decrininalized to some extent . Up to 100 grams is a minor misdomeaner , with a $100 fine . Is'nt that around three and a half ounces ? Almost a quarter ? Wahoo ! Go Ohio ! :60: .........Of course someone will correct me if I'm wrong huh ? :60:...........Oh yeah .........That's also with no criminal record !
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