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Marijuana Users: The Great Unwashed Bottom Dwellers

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The Oregonian newspaper May 6, 2012 is back at its obnoxious vilification of medical marijuana users with a title of an op-ed article "America Can't Afford to Legalize Marijuana" by Johan Mathiesen whose brain must be venom because it acts like poison with no positive attributes.

He quotes, or misquotes, Lauren Ruth Wiener's op-ed article in the Oregonian April 29, 2012 about her own use of cannabis "Confessions of a Recreational Doper". Unfortunately she employs much of the Reefer Madness bushwah.

Cannabis/marijuana has been used as medicine safely and efficiently for about 4,000 years with no deaths! As a child, Weiner was using it as a tranquilizer for PTSD because of extremely severe child abuse which is one of its chief uses nowadays. She says she feels "calmer and more focused", which are the results of cannabis and other tranquilizers.

She decries that cannabis is not used for PTSD. As a matter of fact, cannabis IS used by thousands if not millions for this purpose believe it or not. The main use of medical cannabis is for severe/chronic pain diagnosed and treated by the patient's own regular doctor and not by a marijuana doctor.

She mentions "people dying from pot overdoses" --- she cannot find and report even ONE. In Oregon, a patient must have at least one medical condition acceptable by the state. There are about 50 acceptable conditions; chronic/severe pain is the main one with 70% of patients.

It is interesting that Wiener's article engendered 65 reader comments. Most of the responses "pulled her up by her shorts" the responses were very educational.

Getting back to Mathiesen, other than the insulting "unwashed bottom dwellers" it is true that federal and state anti-cannabis drug war activity is a major industry costing maybe 80 billion dollars a year and is a gross expensive failure.

These expensive drug warriors may be able to find honorable work chasing and jailing "real criminals".

His most abominable remarks are about "throwing millions (of cannabis criminals) back onto the streets". Most of these "criminals" are in for simple possession and are NOT criminals in any sense of the word.

Mathiesen condemns the fact that cannabis profits by the Mexican drug cartels pushes guns for drug wars south of the border. The US government itself was involved in these gun sales.

He doesn't seem to know this, but cannabis is legal in many countries and legal or not, it is used by millions of people successfully and safely as medicine.


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