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King Bongmaster

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I am under the influence of Marijuana
and I must admit I've never felt better
Maryjanes smokey tendrils wrap around me
like an old warm grey sweater

My finger tips smell like Marijuana
as well they probably should
because I'm always breakin up the ganja
and I always break it up good

I got caught with Marijuana
it was a twenty-five dollar sack
the cops took it for four-ninety
and now I'll never get it back

I still smoke Marijuana
even though I've gotta drop
I'll always smoke marijuana
they can never make stop

right now I'm smokin' Marijuana
and the bong is filled with ice
the bowl is packed right up
and that bong is hittin' nice

I just smoke Marijuana
I don't murder or rape or kill
but some people hate marijuana
and so they hate me still

I love Marijuana
we'll always be a pair
and those against marijuana
well, I don't think their fair

theres nothing wrong with Marijuana
or the people that are fans
whats up with hate on marijuana
I mean theres a marijuana BAN

if you hate on Marijuana
than your a misunderstanda
believin' all the lies
and bad propaganda

but if you like Marijuana
well then me and you might get along
because I'm always smokin' marijuana
I'm the master of the bong

You can die from Marijuana,
if you eat fifteen thousand pounds.
But that goes for anything
isnt that profound?

They say you can overdose on Marijuana
if you smoke nine-hundred joints in one sitting
that makes a hell of alot of sense
I mean who are they kidding

We could fuel our cars with fuel made from Marijuana
but why would we wanna do that?
then the pockets of big oil
wouldnt be so fat

We can save trees by using Marijuana
but that would be a bummer
because all the people would lose their jobs
that work choppin down the lumber

We should legalize Marijuana
make it a choice instead of a law
then it would be cool
cuz I would'nt be a criminal at all
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