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Marijuana's Medical Benefits Documented In Scientific Study


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Results of an unprecedented scientific study which document the medical benefits of marijuana will be the focus of a Conant Foundation sponsored Community Forum to be presented Tuesday, March 27, 2007, 6:30 p.m. at the San Francisco Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Community Center, 1800 Market Street (at Octavia) in San Francisco.

Dr. Donald Abrams, from the University of California at San Francisco, will present details of a comprehensive study proving conclusively that marijuana is effective in use for medicinal purposes.

"Where Do We Go From Here?" is the theme of a panel discussion following Abrams' presentation. Participating are Senator John Vasconcellos, Dean Emeritus of the California Legislature and Founder of The Vasconcellos Project; Allen Hopper, Esq, Senior Attorney, ACLU Drug Law Reform Project and Bruce Mirken, Director of Communication, Marijuana Policy Project.

The event will be moderated by Dr. Marcus A. Conant, a leader in the fight against HIV infection and AIDS for over 25 years. Conant prevailed in a case against the United States Government when the United States Supreme Court upheld the lower court's decision that doctors have the right to discuss any treatment, including marijuana, with their patients.

Information provided in this study provides not only proof, but also clarity, in discussing use of marijuana. Releasing this study could provide the catalyst for changing the debate on its use. This community forum is a first step in examining those options.

Several recent decisions in court cases, pending legislation in Illinois and New Mexico could all be affected by results from this study. In California, a judge ruled earlier this month in favor of a club which sells marijuana. Also in California, a judge ruled against an 80 year old woman who uses the drug for its medical benefits.

This Community Forum is free. Sponsored by The Conant Foundation, it is also hosted by the San Francisco Medical Society, the ACLU Drug Law Reform Project and the Marijuana Policy Project.

For further information call 415-255-0806.
Website: The Conant Foundation

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