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MARS Aqua 300W


Hi All, I have a MARS (Aqua) Aquarium 300W LED light dimmable to 100W I was wondering if this light would be acceptable for seedlings/clones and maybe even Veg? I found a couple of sites were they say yes but I would like to know what you guys think.



Aqua 300 This is copy and paste from internet hope this helps I dot understand most of it.

Lumen: 8346 lumen/110v; 8318 lumen/220v
Bulb Type: LED
Par: 28 par for secondary lens can output more par
Full Spectrum: White, red, green, blue.
Brand: MarsAqua
Features: Blue white channel. Dimmable. Daisy chain
Recommended For:
1 of 300W light covers 38''×24''(L/W) tank
MarsAqua 100×3W LED aquarium Light

Channel White(50pcs):-14 cool white 10000k, 10 neutral white 7500k,
10 warm white 3000k, 4 red 630nm, 4 green 520nm, 8 blue 460nm
Channel Blue(50pcs):-12 royal blue 440nm, 38 blue 460nm
LED Quantity:-100pcs

PAR of the light is: 28PAR for Lens can output more PAR
Output Optimized for PAR, Sufficient Lights Spectrum, Super Light Penetration
Two Dimmers, two power cords and two on/off switches to control blue & white separately
Dimmer One(50 LEDs): 20 x Royal Blue 450nm, 30 x Blue 460nm
Dimmer Two(50 LEDs): 14 x Cool White 12,000k, 10 x Neutral White 7500k, 10 x Warm White 3500k, 4 x Red 660nm, 4x Green 520nm, 8 x Blue 460nm


Was hoping to get a bit more feed back on this subject, by looking at the number of views I see there is a interest no the topic maybe just not a lot of experience. I will use the MARS Aqua and let everyone know the results later on.


that's everyone, my only purpose fot this light would be for a mother and clones if I decided to go that route.
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