Mars Hydro 2 x 1200W - 8 x 4 Tent - Multi-Strain Grow!


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Hello all,

This is my first grow, so go easy on me. After about 6 montha of aeeing all these journals i thought it would be good to get a rail from some experts as I'm still a virgin aha (growing that is)

Right so got me herbies order a few weeks ago, germed, and got 31/32 success rate.

10 - white widow X big bud
4 - Dr Krip Incredible Bulk
4 - heavyweight fast n vast ( was actually a misclick oops)
4 - critical sensi star
2 - WOS - strawberry blue
9 - afgani regulars

My setup is as follows:

4 x 8 grow tent (flower)
2 x mara hydro 1200w leds
200mm fan and filter
Couple of little clip fans
Passive intake

4 x 4 grow tent (veg/mother)
400w mars hydro led
100mm fan n filter
Clip fan
Passive intake

Temps are between 25-27 degrees celsious which is good with around 50-65% humidity.

I am growing in some pro gro soil in 10l (2.5gal?) pots.

I am planning on keeping 1-2 mothers of each strain in the mother tent (also have the fast n vast atm) with the intention of getting another 4 x 8 the same as mine to run a perpetual with big clones (minimal veg time) between the two.

I will also switch to hydro (most likely a 32 plant NFT) in each 4 x 8 but thought soil gor the first because im

I am blessed with having really god tap water where I am ( base ph is around 6.3-6.5) so just let sit overnight before feeding.

Am also using following nutes:

GH floranova grow + bloom
GH koolbloom
Canadian express root xpress i think.

Anyway i have 2 WW x BB, 2 DK IB, 1 DCS in the mother tent with the F & V and the rest im the 8 x 4.

Just transplanted them all yesterday (pretty hard work, much respect for all thw veteran growers!) and alot of them seem to have grown a decent bit just in a day? (Am now almost 3 weeks from germ)

Will post pics and status updates regularly from now on (photos from tomorrow) so if you have any advice please inform me of my wrong/right doings and any advice on this setup/light/strain efc combo would be great!

Looking forward to some good banter 420'ers!



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Haha yea I figured go hard to go home:p

Half of them are the freebies so juat thought why not run a sog, and the afganis are rega so who knows how many ill lose.

Pics up soon


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Hahha cheers guys!

Right so heres some pics (apologies only just saw ultradans vid after uploading)

After germ:


Mother/veg tent:


Big bertha:


Light setup:


Will get some better shots tonight,

Also fed veg nutes at 500ppm 2 days ago when transplanted and they seem to have taken that quite well!


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Also forgot this photo, about 2 weeks from germ. There was abit of stretch as i had the light about 30cm high for a couple of days :



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Im not sure if its just the lighting but do these look rather pale?? I took one with flash but not sure if its just the leds that make it look like this



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In the veg tent its about 26 degrees celsius with 75% and the flower tent is about 29 degreas with about 65%, its humid as heck right now and im working ok some better ventilation by opening a passage that leads to under the house and getting an i line fan and routing the outflows through there. Thoughts?


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Your temperatures are fine, you need a minimum of 5x air exchange temperature aside. The humidity needs work. You want 70°-90° Fahrenheit and 50%-70% humidity for vegetative growth and 30%-50% humidity for flower. You want pH 5.8 for hydroponic and soiless (peat moss and coco coir) and pH 6.5 for soil. Have you considered either using a Day/Night Humidity Controller or a master controller to regulate your grow area temperature and humidity?

LTL Humidity - Day/Night Humidity Controller - Perfect Gardens

Here is a Titan Controls Saturn 5 - Digital Environmental Controller with CO2 Timer that is in use in several of my Grow Journal and Reviews. You simply extend the sensor where you wish to have the area monitored and program the Titan Controls Saturn 5 - Digital Environmental Controller with CO2 Timer to your desired range. The Titan Controls Saturn 5 - Digital Environmental Controller with CO2 Timer can be used to control either a humidifier or dehumidifier.

(Click on the photograph for a direct link to the product) Titan Controls Saturn 5 - Digital Environmental Controller with CO2 Timer

The Titan Controls Saturn 5 - Digital Environmental Controller with CO2 Timer can control a fan, either a humidifier or dehumidifier and control CO2.

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Noticing half my afganis have their tips burnt, dont think they took the nutes too well? Every other strain looks to have really grown in the last few days, so may maintain or sllightly i crease the 500-550 ppm? And drop to maybe 400 for the afghanis?


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Flora nova grow - 1ml per gallon
Superthrive - 1 drop per gallon
Canadian xppress
Regen a root - 1ml per litre (as directed)
Flairform cmax - 1ml per litre

Ph was 6.3 last feed 4 days ago


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I am unable to find a N-P-K ratio or ingredient list for the CX Hydroponics Regen a root so I am unable to determine what the composition or is included in the product to recommend using it, using the CX Hydroponics Regen a root will also increase the Part Per Million or PPM strength and may cause nutrient burn symptom due to the total PPM strength of your nutrient solution.

Here is my soiless mixture

I use peat moss, perlite, vermiculite and mycorrhizae and bacteria for my plants. I would mix your soiless mixture in a ratio of 60% peat moss, 20% perlite and 20% vermiculite. If you can get Pro-Mix HP you would only need to add 20% vermiculite and mycorrhizae. Vermiculite acts as a catalyst between nutrients and the plants roots as well as retaining moisture.


PRO-MIX HP Mycorrhizae - High porosity peat-based growing medium earth juice rooters mycorrhizae

Pro-Mix HP has 1 species of mycorrhizae added, I add 10 others species of mycorrhizae and more of the strain already contained in Pro-Mix HP. When I transplant my plants to larger size pots I use 1 teaspoon per 1 gallon size pot and 2-3 teaspoons per 3 gallon size pot of additional mycorrhizae granules.
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