Mars Hydro 2 x 1200W - 8 x 4 Tent - Multi-Strain Grow!


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Am loving the mars lights tbh its my first grow and havent tried anything else but i have a buddy running a bugger set up and he runs multiple hps setups and always has to piss around with his shades and ballasts etc, not to mention heat issues ( even in the winter)

The tents arent mars hydro ones 4 x 8 and the other is 4 x 4 ( only a 400w mars in this)

But am setting up my second 4 x 8 with nft soon :)

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It was a hybrid, one of the earliest developed in the US, from around G'ville, FL. I have not seen it in over 30 years.


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plants are looking nice and seem to be staying pretty even witch will be key to those LEDs. and the tight nodes are usually a good thing unless you want more lanky plants. and the main reasons for tight nodes are stain (indica or sativa dom) and if the plants dont have enough light they will stretch to find light

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Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

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Still alive!

Sorry guys just been busy irl and to be honest having dove in head first with the grow/s has kept me very busy!

So to bring this thread back alive, the girls growing in soil are currently coming into the end of week 3 of flower


Couple of close ups



Currently feeding the girls just the floranova bloom with some calmag at 700 ppm every 4-5 days (the incredible bulk mammoth is a thirsty bitch!) will start on the koolbloom dry weeks 5-7 then flush 7-10 days with plain water.

The one with my fist next to it is a critical sensi and the other solo is the incredible bulk.

8/10 of my afgani regs were males, and lost my two WOS strawberry blue to god knows what, just came in one day and they looked like they were sucked dry?

So i am down to 2 afghani regs, 2 incredible bulks, 3 critical sensis, and 8 ww x bb. Will make sure to keep up with weekly updates or when anything uber cool happens. Also still have the fast and vast autos which seem to be
Going slow but i put that down the the 400w mars 2 sharing lumens with 4 vast and fasts and the 2 ww x bb and incredible bulk mothers? Will prob end up harvesting those with the rest.

.... Oh, and I forgot, my new baby!


This is my other 4 x 8 tent which i will run staggering the other tent. Due to timing issues and funds I had to go with 2 x 600 hps, however they are nanolux and i was told these are pretty good?

I thought it will actually be exciting after I harvest the soul grow and set up the second tent with the same nft setup, and do a "grow off" between two identical setups with Led vs hps. Am noticing heat to be way more of an issue with hps even with the cold weather atm.

So the nft tent started with 32 clones transplanted 3 days ago ( i had done these with rockwool and a humidity dome) had been topfeeding and today 90% have roots dangling in te gullies. Will continue for a couple of days to topfeed the slower ones. I plan on veging them to about 14 or so inches then flip (should be about a week and a half or so)

Anyways happy growing and see yall next week!



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Okaaay wee update.

Chopped the 4 fast and vast an managed to pull judt over 2 zips, bit guttering was hoping for atleast 1 per snt but to be honest they werent given the attention they needed and im a newb, so the autoflowers just got winged the whole way.

I have now got the 2 afghanis and the 4 mother plants in my smaller tent ( have taken clones of the best performers as my keeper mothers) and these should be done around the same time as my nft tent.


Just flipped these after 12 days of veg (i dont think ill ever grow soil again, hydro sure is awesome!)

Am going to be harvesting the soil/led tent next weekend so will do a hearty post:update then!

Peace and happy growing

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Hope all is well in your world.

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