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congrats @candycane

Kudos to SmokeSara for the excellent giveaway!


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This forum is mature, but even mature people can question the results if a significant prize is at stake. Can you imagine what the response would be if @Jack420 drew your name or his own?

This is why I had a quick look yesterday when I realized how the winner would be chosen. I made preparations in case I was right, since I had already opted out of the contest.

Perhaps if a future contest winner is chosen this way, the person holding the contest can announce the name of the one doing the choosing well in advance. That would let the chooser prepare, and show how they were going to choose the winner well before the draw is held. This would allow them to get approval for the method, and publicy answer any questions before the draw. The time for questions is before the draw, not during the draw, or while the results are being confirmed.
Wouldn’t have picked my self that’s cheating and I already own one of these lights just bummed I was stiff necked that’s it love the company love the promos definitely fun just confusing thank u @SmokeSara for holding these giveaways


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Congrats, @candycane - Now grow yourself some great stuff!


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Congratulations @candycane very much deserved! :woohoo:
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