Mars-Hydro DWC 1 Plant 4x4 Scrog

Tokin Roll

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I was thinking of Acapulco Gold or Golden Tiger for my next DWC, but we will see. I was ask by a friend (from another site) if I wanted to high light a strain. He did not say what so, I will have to wait for him to get back to me. I grew for him before with a different seed company that when out of business for legal reasons, now he works for @Seedstockers overseas.

Haven't decided if this will be a sponsor grow or not. I have lots of seeds.

Stay safe, and grow well my friends,

Thanks @Jon and before you ask :19: I cut and re-string my scrog net every second or third grow. If this isn't done the string gets all funky.

Mostly images of my work the last couple days.

First 10 are 10-26

Three Blue Kings 10-26 .jpg

Three Blue Kings 10-26 chop1 .jpg

Three Blue Kings 10-26 chop2 .jpg

Three Blue Kings 10-26 chop3 .jpg

Three Blue Kings 10-26 chop4 .jpg

Three Blue Kings 10-26 chop5 .jpg

What do you think, re-veg? :19: I have three waiting in the wings, that's not going to happen.
Three Blue Kings 10-26 chop6 .jpg

Three Blue Kings 10-26 chop7 .jpg

Three Blue Kings 10-26 wash2 .jpg

Three Blue Kings 10-26 wash3 .jpg

More to come shortly.
Farrrkk that plant was insane , buds look perfect man. How does a massive plant like that's root system fit into that bucket ? Do you trim the roots up And what's with the bicard and lemon juice is that for flavour haha

P.s let's grow !


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what's with the bicard and lemon juice is that for flavour haha

for a second i thought someone was trying to fob a bicardi and lemon juice cocktail .. doesn't seem a winner :p
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