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Good evening everyone this is the start of my grow journal for the Mars Hydro Fc 6500. The plants i am growing are Pink Kush 2.0 and are about 4 + months old. They went through a bit of a rough spell as I was learning the switch from HPS light to full on LED grow.

I also own 2 Budget Led 350 watt lights that where set up in my 5X5 Mars Hydro tent. I will admit the Budget Leds performed extremely well in my 5X5 but never fully got them cranked to 100% do to height restrictions.

I have moved these lights into their own 4X2 tent for cloning, breeding and keeping a mother alive. I am also a licensed grower in Canada with my plant count set to 50 plants in total.

This grow is 100% legal.

The 4 plants in the tent are Pink Kush 2.0 and this will be my first experience with fully flowering them. I have built my own scrog as well. The nutrients I am using are Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur and I will be doing the full on Grand Master Grower feeding program.

I have been growing for 20+ years so this is not my first kick at the cat. I have my tent temperature controlled at exactly 82 Fahrenheit.

I also have 2 of the Exhale CO2 bags to give the plants a little more push to grow faster, the reason for the switch from the budget Leds is I wanted a light that would be more even spread throughout the canopy.

I will update the thread every Sunday so you can all follow along and see the progress. The light is currently being ran at about 55-60% power and is crazy bright and the plants are absolutely loving it.






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u just gotta put a @ symbol then the persons name like that @SmokeSara, girls r looking good so far, how’s the light doing? Is she all the way up?
I have the light as high as i can get it in my tent, power wise I am at about 55-60% power only. This light is really really amazing so far.

Absolutely zero complaints to be honest and the plants get healthier and happier looking every day.

Should get very interesting. Here is a picture of what one of my plants under the Budget Leds looked like a few days before i harvested her and the strain was Zeus. Total yield for the plant was 13.5 OZ.

Zeus Done.jpg

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:circle-of-love: I watched your video. It was great. The opening sequence was really cool. :cool:I have subscribed to your channel and hope to see your updates frequently. :DCan I share your video with other growers?
Yes you can share it!!

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Tonight is update time for the FC 6500 as of tomorrow it will be the end of week 2 of flowering. On Wednesday I did a massive leaf strip and removed most of the lower growth as well as opened up the canopy so light could penetrate a lot better.


Friday I lowered the light to 21 inches from the top of the canopy and have the power now at around 70%. The plants are now starting to grow up through the scrog and the training will now begin over the next few weeks.

So far the grow has been trouble free and moving along as planned. The small signs of buds are also just starting to show in the tops of the plants. Temps in the tent are controlled at 82 Fahrenheit and the humidity is controlled to 50%.

Next weeks update i would imagine things should start to get very interesting. Stay tuned. Here are a few more pictures as well as a quick video to show the difference from week 1 to week 2.





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End of week 3 update @SmokeSara and @Stormblessed . I have brought the light down much lower and in some areas it is now at 12-13 inches and still at 70% power.

As some of the lower branches shoot up i will slowly raise the light until the stretch is 100% completed and then go to 100% power.

So far this grow has been very smooth and everything is looking fantastic. No real issues to report and things are honestly progressing at light speed. The 5X5 is very much being filled to capacity and I have zero complaints.

Love this light so far, i will do a video update tomorrow and add it to the grow journal.

I have to many things to do tonight so i will get on that a little later.

Here are some pics from tonight.

Cheers :)

August 30th 2020 Picture 1.jpg

August 30th 2020 Picture 2.jpg

August 30th 2020 Picture 3.jpg

August 30th 2020 Picture 4.jpg

August 30th 2020 Picture 5.jpg
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