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Plant of the Month: Dec 2021
Thanks I am pretty happy about it! The light has more then proved itself to be a very good purchase to say the least.

Next up a tent of Ethos Genetics. Stay tuned. ;)
Will do brother

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Knocked it out of the park on this grow. Almost 3 lbs awesome result. Following for round 2
Thank You, my goal was to hit 2 pounds and improve on it. Looks like light is a winner and I am very excited to see how well it does for round 2.

I will start my weekly update next week and will be doing 5 plants for round 2.

Ethos genetics will be 2 Candy Store, 1 Blueberrie Sunset, 1 Orange Kush Cake and one other strain that is being grown from seed is called Top 30.

The 3 Ethos strains are said to be 30%+ thc and heavy yielders, Top 30 is said to test at 35% and above average yeild.

Round 2 i am basically pheno hunting and will be having everything tested for potency ease of growth and final yield.

Goal is to find 2 moms that produce large potent buds and keep them for a non stop supply of future girls.

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Amazing. You absolutely must have had to train them?
I did train them to open up the plants i also had a scrog in the tent but as the plants exploded in growth it made watering and leaf stripping the plants dam near impossible. I had to remove the scrog around week 4 of flowering. The fc series of lights are pretty amazing and the buds in the final weeks of flowering become rock hard.

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Here we go again my friends, Tent Reload week 1 @r0am1ng st0ner @Stormblessed @The Dirty @Jack420 @Mars Hydro.

This is round 2 in my Mars Hydro 5X5 grow tent using their FC 6500 LED grow light and my entry into the Mars Hydro Cup.

This time around in the tent I am growing 5 plants 3 strains are from Ethos and are as follows.

Candy Store, Blue Berry Sunset, Orange Kush Cake and one Top 30 from White Widow Seeds in Canada.

The only real change from the previous grow is that I have now removed the ballast from the FC 6500 to keep the temps lower in the tent.

The 3 large plants are about 5 months old and showing a little bit of a Cal/Mag deficiency and that is also being corrected.

2 smaller plants in the back left and right are very healthy and showing a little nutrient burn. Far left is Candy Store and the far right is the Top 30.

Lets see if I can out grow my first round using the FC 6500 total weight dry was 2 pounds 12 ounces and 12 grams dry.

Video update here---->

This weeks Picture updates.

Ethos Tent Reload 1.jpg

Ethos Tent Reload 2.jpg

Ethos Tent Reload 3.jpg

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I got called back to work on evenings so doing updates for this week has been not possible. I will try to do them on Saturday or Sunday night but I thought I would upload a few quick pictures to show the progress.

I am flowering out 5 in my big tent under my FC 6500 and 3 in my smaller 2X4 tent powered by Budget LED.

I have been offered the shot to grow all of my plants using Aelius LED lights and will be making the move to them once I have completed this round of flowering.

Basically I will be joining the Aelius Family and I have to admit I am very happy to be growing for a Canadian made LED company.

So after this round of flowering I guess it will be time to close this grow journal.

Here are some pictures of the girls from tonight nothing has really changed and both tents are moving along as planned.


Ethos 2X4 Flowering Pic 1.jpg

Ethos FC 6500 5X5 Pic 1.jpg

Ethos FC 6500 5X5 Pic 2.jpg

Ethos FC 6500 5X5 Pic 3.jpg

Ethos 2X4 Flowering Pic 2.jpg

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Def link me up if you make another journal n glad you have a Canadian company makes it a lot easier for ya to get supplies

No worries Jack in the new year when I make the switch I will continue making grow journals it will just be powered by a company very close to home that makes a truly awesome light. :)

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Day 18 of flowering using the Mars FC 6500 LED grow light. The genectics by Ethos are Blue Berry Sunset, Orange Kush Cake, Candy Store and one Top 30 plant from White Widow Seeds in Canada.

Comparing this grow to the Pink Kush and the growth is much more explosive and the bud structure seen at day 18 was not seen like this in the Kush till the end of week 4 flowering.

Worth mentioning is just how much watering/nutrients these plants intake. The pinks would get watered one day and would be allowed to dry out for a full day before watering again. This round is a different story every day when opening the tent at lights on the soil is bone dry and the lift test verifies this.

Pictures below shows the difference in bud structure from Day 13 to Day 16.

Comparison Growth 13.jpg

Comparison Growth 16.jpg

Here is a quick update video!
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