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Mars Hydro Giveaway Time: Come And Win TS-2000 High PPE LED Grow Light!

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I want the Mars Hydro TS-2000, because I grow for my my daughter who suffers from severe anxiety, her mother whose cancer is in remission and suffers from depression and myself to help make ends meet. I am on my 4th grow and doing quite well (according to other growers) considering the low end LED lights I'm using. I believe the Mars Hydro TS-2000 is the light that could elevate my crops to the next level. As the selected winner I would commit to starting a new grow, grow journal and weekly pictures showcasing the Mars Hydro TS-2000 against my current grow system. I have a very controlled environment for the benefits of my girls and the security of my family (I live in TX).


Hey what's up growers! Mars Hydro Giveaway Time again! :love::love::love:
This time, we are going to sponser our newly unreleased TS-2000. This is the bigger version of our TS-1000, it has two type, one is square one, another is rectangle one. Each great for 4x4 or 3x5 area. High PPE as 2.15~2.3umol/j; Wattage adjustable, white color, full spectrum. If you think the TS-1000 is a little smaller for your grow space, then TS-2000 will be the option. :yahoo:
Okay, now get to the point:

How do I enter? :green_heart:
Answer: make a post: I want the Mars Hydro TS-2000, because I xxxx (write a sentence you want to say)
What time do I enter?:ganjamon:
Answer: from today to May 15th.
How do the winner be picked? :lot-o-toke:
Answer: We will pick a ramdom number from the post we get, and the lucky one will get the light. Plus, we will pick 5 ppl to get the anti-smell bags as well.
Now let's make the party started! :party:



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Don't forget you can enter to win with three separate messages.

We're so close to unlocking that second prize. Get those second and third posts in folks. Show @SmokeSara and Mars hydro how much :420:loves free stuff.

I want the Mars Hydro TS-2000, because free lights are all I can afford


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Thank you everyone, we are almost there, over 200post, I will give away two TS-2000 for you. Cheers! :party:
And you know each of you have right to post 3 times? :goof:
Good luck everyone! :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:
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