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Mars Hydro Giveaway Time: Come And Win TS-2000 High PPE Led Grow Light!


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irie lion

Nug of the Month: May 2019
Big thanks to @SmokeSara & Mars Hydro for the awesome competition :yahoo::snowboating:
Huge congratulations to both @1969gtx & @Dabbing Grandma! I hope you guys put those lights to good use :headbanger:
Best of luck to everyone on the next comp.
Happy growing :Namaste: Peace

Amy Gardner

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irie lion

Nug of the Month: May 2019
@Dabbing Grandma any relation to dabbin’ granny? :hmmmm:
Ahh i love scrolling through my instagram and BAM... there dabbin' granny smashin' her daily dab :19::bong:
Edit: I am also very unsure how she manages to rip such large dabs. :11:


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Whattttt? well big ups to @TurboBucket for the heads up on this cool contest! And to @SmokeSara for hosting the giveaway!
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