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Mars Hydro Grow Journal TSL 2000 In 2x4 Tents: Autos, Photos, Reveg & Fem Cross


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Skunk SOG is coming down tonight or this weekend depending on when I get to it. Lots of very fat tops on these. It will be interesting to see a final yield here considering it is only a single TSL2000.




CigNV...congrats on the harvest..again. Share some cured bud shots of that skunk when ready please. Cheers


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Skunk 3 harvested at 9 weeks with 211g dry
Skunk 1 harvested at 11 weeks with 231g dry
Just under a pound for the two of them together. I didn't count the weight from the colloidal branches that have seeds which there is likely an ounce or so more in each of those. So over a pound total if you count that. Not shabby and significantly better on the regev than I did the first time around with them.

The Hammer yielded very low with just 96g dry between both plants. But it is quite potent, taste great, and finished at 50 days flower with close to 25% amber. Plans are in the works to cross some clones of this to some Godfather OG I just sprouted.

No totals yet on the Northern Lights, Wedding Cake, or Moonshine breath since I have not finished trimming them .... And pulling beans out .... Although the total on the wedding cake may be a bit off since I can not seem to stay out of it ...

I will share some pics as soon as I take them.
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