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Mars Hydro High Quality Grow Tent Giveaway 2019.06


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Hey whats up growers? Mars Hydro Giveaway Time again! :55:
This time we are going to give away our high quality grow tents! :green_heart:Many of you know Mars Hydro make led grow lights, but most of you still don't know that Mars Hydro also make great tents. :love:

So here is some rough description of Mars Hydro Grow tents. :eek::eek::eek:
- High reflective 1680D cloth, 99% reflect your light, increasing ppfd and help you grow even better;
- No plastic parts, all steel tube and stell cornor.
- Enough standard vents for your wire, exausted fans, tubes. etc;
- Top quality zipper, and well handworks on every details.

And how to participate? :cool:
- Time: from today to 20th June.
- Post: I want Mars Hydro Grow tents, coz... (every ID three chance to post)
- Posts within 100, will pick one winner; Over 100 will pick two winner
- At least registered 420 for over 3 months.

Now Party is on, what are you still waiting for?


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I want a Hydro grow tent because I want to have a perpetual grow!!! :love::love::love::love:


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I want Mars Hydro Grow tents, coz... When I told my brother that I would have to hold off on doing my grow until we caught the local burglar, he said that was okay, that he understood (I'd promised him part of the harvest to help with some of his medical issues). But then, when he saw the awesome Mars-Hydro grow tent that I had purchased early this year, he wanted me to let him borrow it so he could try growing his own cannabis. Only he never gives anything back (big brothers :rolleyes: ). And his birthday is coming up later this Summer, and this would be a much better present than a piece of paper with "Sorry I didn't have the money to buy you a gift this year" written on it ;) .

Won't you help me help one more person learn to grow cannabis?

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I need a Mars Grow tent to help to remain "stealthy" in my low budget DIY, in the corner, grow operation in my small garage, also I had to give up my shelving/DIY Tent to make more space for garage storage. I am now starting a good sized (12x12) grow shed attached to an exterior wall of the garage. Thanks for the opportunity to make a set-up journal of the Mars Tent and the anticipated grow experiences during the summer grow time frame.. I am planning 4 each 7- gal fiber bags for final up-potting.


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I want Mars Hydro Grow tents, coz.... it will compliment and help prove to potential customers that my hydro system works great guns in the proper grow area.

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:party::headbanger::roorrip::yahoo::thanks::cheer: Thanks @SmokeSara and Mars Hydro for running these promos! :48::high-five:
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