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Mars-Hydro LED Grow Light Discussion


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Running two Mars 300’s. Love what they do but would love to upgrade.

A NL auto harvested this Monday.



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Been away for a while. Things going well. I just harvested a Dutch Delight that was under my Mars Cob in a 2x2 tent. I got 120g from her. My 3x3 tent has an Incredible Bulk that is almost ready to go. She should be 6+oz. She is under the big mars pro II EPI along with a Trainwreck and a c99 Blueberry Fast. I see if I have time to post some pics later.:circle-of-love::peace:
Hi Dave, so it seems long time! :green_heart: Great to hear that you just harvested, and seems the harvest is pretty cool:D And cannot wait to see your update on another Epistar lights. :D :circle-of-love:


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Hey sara here is a pic of my bomb seeds the back two have been under reflector 144 front two under different light . Thc bomb and widow bomb . Been battling what I belive to be white flies .

Hope you like about day 65 veg maybe longer like day 70ish have it written somewhere lol

Cheers from Canada ✊:Namaste:



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Looks like everyone is looking forward to the new light. Haha :slide: So I have another: Plants under the new light. :circle-of-love: Please wait patiently, the videos, data sheets, website, etc all are under processing :ganjamon:


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Shades for purchasers of the new light. :cool:
From the clues I've been picking up, the new model may not require the "traditional" LED glasses, lol (in other words, not a "blurple" light in apparent color). I've been thinking "quantum" type for a while now; it seems like the next logical step for the company. Although I wouldn't be surprised if they manage to put their own spin on it. Regardless, it should be interesting and I'd love to see more about the upcoming product line (and would be interested in getting my hands on one ;) ).

These Mars-Hydro protective glasses are nice, by the way. I especially like the "side-shields" on the temples, that serve to block light from getting in past the tinted lenses. While not exactly a fashion statement (lol), they're not meant to be... Without them, the lenses would block enough light that the user's pupils dilate, then whenever he/she turned his/her head, the eyes would get a full "shot" of intense light from the side that would reach that wide-open pupil. With the shields on the sides, this cannot happen. :thumb:

:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: Come and work with us, it is a very fun job! :yahoo:
Convince your company to open some kind of presence in my town (small city). It is just economically-depressed enough that you should be able to get deals on future taxes and such with the local government - and get 2,500 people(*) show up to apply for 50 jobs :rolleyes: - but we still have a good infrastructure, various forms of transportation, et cetera. A customer call center, a repair center, a regional warehouse... or side-step any worries over a "trade/tariff war" and do final assembly right here in the United States.

(*) people who understand the concept of work, too; it is still said that, when someone moves away from here to find work, and mentions where they came from (here)... they tend to jump to the head of the line.

If you do, and you hire me, I'd be so appreciative that I'd happily return my first paycheck return half of my first paycheck show lots and lots of gratitude (a man has to eat ;) ). Oh, and then you could hire Birdie, too, and employ her in a country she really wants to live in.

Come on over, open a new branch of Mars-Hydro, lol.

Is that new light out, yet? ;)

Dave Groomer

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Hi Dave, so it seems long time! :green_heart: Great to hear that you just harvested, and seems the harvest is pretty cool:D And cannot wait to see your update on another Epistar lights. :D:circle-of-love:

Here are a couple pics of the latest girls in flower.

Tent 1 3x3 with a the big epi pro II.

The big girl on the left is an Incredible Bulk . She is ready to come down almost any time. Back Right is a c-99 Blueberry fast. She is 5 weeks into flower. Last is my latest Train Wreck clone that was flipped a week ago.

and the smaller 2x2 with a COB

This is a Black berry Bubble gum. :circle-of-love::peace:
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