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Mars-Hydro LED Grow Light Discussion

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Old Salt

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N dang old salt up at 5 am on a Sunday brother what u have planes for today
I've been up since 4:00 AST. I might head down to the basement and roll the sheet metal for my filter housing. It depends on how the preparation of contest entries goes. I'm working on the one for the TSL-2000.


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Dammmm that’s early i go to zz late since my girls run at nigh have to attend to them but how this contest goin to work just post some pics n that’s is I’ll prob do my girls with some sparkle n Xmas lights lol make it really special tis the season


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Just received my TS600 and wow what a little performer.

Thank you GHempster for the sharing, and one thing I need to remind again is that our TS 600 and SP 150 are using special design of driver, which are connected with the light. It will looks more clean and beautiful on the lights, but it do has a shortage, that it can only be working in the fixed voltage environment, which means: the 110v ones can only worded in 110~120v. 100v not okay, and 240v not okay. And 220v ones can only be used in 220~240v voltage range. :Namaste: Normally won't have problem but if you need special voltage, it might be not suitable. Such as in US, our normal one is 110v standard, but you want to use in 240v voltage, then the light cannot work, it will broke very easily at that case :green_heart:


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So, I came across this on IG today.... I was fairly disappointed to hear it, but know every story has 2 sides...

Just wanted to let my fellow MARSians know of a possible "weak link".

My guess is.... this individual may have bought an extension cable that wasn't correct. But I don't have all the info, so I won't assume...

Just FYI...
:Namaste:I was going to mention this, thank you Preston9mm for mentioning this out! I want to clarify, as you know the SP 250 is released for around one years now, and so far, we have received 3 case like this. When we check with clients, we found one thing in common, that they add extention cords themselves. (The previous ones doesn't have the extention cords) :green_heart: Normally it won't be any problem if they checking with us first, but they all just add the cords themself directly.
What might cause this problem?
- When add the cords, the cord size is smaller than what the light needs, which makes the cords cannot bear the electricity currenty and burn.
- When add the cords, the two wire was connected wrong, which will cause the light short circuit. and the connect might be burn like this.

Luckily most of the growers who wants to add the cords contacted us first for the specification and instruction, so taht we only have 3 case happend till now. :Namaste:

And since we do put our notice on the lights: we won't cover the warranty if grower change the light themself directly without contacting us first. I do strongly remind us again, (unless you are an electric engineer yourself, and no need help), that before you want to do anything with the lights, contact us first! This will be the safiest way to help you proceed more success and protect yourself with the warranty issue. Thank you everyone, and please also help me spreading the word. :green_heart:


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The most likely scenario is that someone failed to tighten the screw for one of the connectors.

This would cause arcing in the connector.
Hi Old Salt, so far we have3 growers meet this kind of problem, and we found they all add the extention cords directly.
All my lights get put on safety power strips. Even my fans too. Anything fails or even think it's failing and it shuts everything off immediately.
Thank you for the trust Huge,usually the lights won't have such kind of problems. Please don't worry.
Same here... I'm not deterred. I love my Mars gear! Moreso concerned that someone wa disappointed with Mars Customer Service. I've had nothing but
A-1 service at every encounter.... it caught my attention.

Figured @SmokeSara would chime in to fix things.

BTW.... she's a legit magician; if y'all didn't know...
Thank you Preston9mm again, I was out this morning, but I was planning to mentioned this issue to us and hope in future won't happen again.
Yea every time I've needed any kind of assistance @SmokeSara and the team of reps went above and beyond for me. I sadly just had ( sorry not automobile fix it type ) 2 different parts break on my SUV. The wheel thing the belts spin on snapped off and my rack just went. I was literally hours away from ordering my second TSL 2000. I'll get another one hopeful by after Christmas.
We have already contacted the growers for a solutions. :)


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The only thing my Mars lights have done is give me fire buds !. I did however have them way too close during the 1st weeks of my grow and clawed some from intesity ( sorted now). Now my girls are enjoying the Masrsian sunrise every day for a whole 18 hours.
Taken yesterday at day 40 since seed
Earlier in the week
I know the lights can be strong, haha! Great it is all solved now. And you know how to take great pictures ! :circle-of-love:


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I have spoken with at least 4 different people at Mars Hydro and all are helpful and supportive never had a ill conversation with anybody there. Never felt bad after talking with any of them.

My room is filled with Mars lights and not one issue except incredibly healthy plants.

The only complaint I have ever had with Mars Hydro is that they only put their sticker on one side of the light. :19: Oh the horror. I don't know if I can live with these tough issues.
we are trying to design a sticker and put in each of our products, so that when you get our produdcts, you also get the stickers , haha! :lot-o-toke:


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It's time to start thinking, and trying things out for the upcoming contest:

Granddaddy Purple Under the Mars Hydro TSW-2000

The plant is in a Mars Hydro 3' X 3' tent, with an actual footprint of 100cm X 100cm. The plant touches both sides of the tent, or is 100cm in diameter and 82cm tall. I can raise the light another 15-20cm while keeping the proper distance from the canopy. This is possible by replacing the wire hangers with a short piece of chain, and moving the fan and filter out of the tent. The pot is on a Lazy Susan for easy plant maintenance.

A photo editor was used to make the Mars Hydro logo 'pop.' I cut the logo from another image, and pasted it on the light to cover the washed out logo. Another option to consider is a supplemental light focused on the logo.

Presentation will be important. For my contest entries I'll be cleaning the tent, and making everything neat and tidy. The ropes and wires will be hidden as much as possible. The winning entry will probably not be a snapshot, but a well staged image.

I intend to compete, and would like to see quality entries from many of our members. That's why I'm sharing the techniques I'll use. Remember that Mars Hydro wants us to showcase their light.

Thank you Old Salt, you are more and more Mars professional! I will open that post very soon! :green_heart:


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Hi @fanleaf, I was wondering if you'd mind me asking (as I'm still on my first grow ). Why do you run both veg and bloom switch on tour lights at all times, does that not disrupt the nature of the time and decision of the plant is it just the time difference that you go with for flowering not sure if I'm asking the right question. Why then is there a difference between the 2 light operations why not just sell products as such. Have you found your grows to be beneficial from this decision. Thanx for your time
Fourthree :snowboating:
Hi fourthree, for led grow lights, usually the set up the spectrum botton like this:
- Veg: more blue and white, and some red. When turn the switches on, the light are mostly turned on.
- Bloom: only red and some white. and when only turn this spectrum botton on, the lights are very little turned on.

So during flowering, you will need to turn both switches on, as the swithes are control different spectrum chips, and only combination, you will get full power and spectrum enough for your flowering system. As to why turn both during veg, it is because, more power means better grow. So they prefer to turn both botthons all the way to ensure a better grow. :circle-of-love:


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I just post the activity thread, welcome everyone to join!
:circle-of-love: :circle-of-love: :circle-of-love: :circle-of-love: :circle-of-love:


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Almost forget to mention that we have a Combo sales for Canada and EU growers on the SP 250 with some of the blurple lights. Up to 40% off. if you are lucky enough in these area and you are just about to buy lights, this would be a great chance, last one week time. :D

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