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How's this

We take it from your loyal customers that
Mars Hydro 13th Anniversary story all started in a happy day in August
This is the story of a happy and loyal customer celebrating the Mars Hydro 13th Anniversary in August.
Thank you for always following Mars. :love:

Krissi Carbone

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The Loyal Story of a girl who just loved to grow, she got an FC4800 and put on a show. She was so Happy to have met Stella and her team, she thought to herself, this must be a dream. Come this  August with a new full @Mars Hydro grow, what wonders she wonders, will come from this grow?!

Loving life these girls. Big thanks to their LED sun!

Mars Hydro

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Back with lush plants :hippy:


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Hi everyone,
Which size of tent do you think is easier to grow? Rectangular or square, and their dimensions?
Looking forward to your reply.:ganjamon:

I think a square tent is easiest to grow, around 4 x 4 or 5x5. However, a roof tent feature is great as it allows the fan/filter combo to be tucked away up top and allows for placement in tight areas.

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Would you like the FC/FC-E ALL-IN-ONE GROW TENT KITS as your setup? :48:
Yes, I am happy and looking forward to buying the FC/FC-E Big Tent Kits
No, I just need the lights
That would be a resounding, Yes, I am happy and looking forward to buying the FC/FC-E Big Tent Kits
We can dream of the future.

Stay safe, and grow well my friends,


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Yes I would, that would be a great set up!
They make a tent. Several companies make this style
Which I have the fce4800 light in the 4x4 side


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That tent set up is best for perpetuals; complete for all stages.
It serves me very well . I can't complain I have fce4800 Mars hydro light in 4x4 side


I own a couple Mars lights myself and can't wait for the opportunity to use them again. I have used the littler one to run a single AC/DC and it did a spectacular job in a 2×2 space.
I'm very satisfied with the two tsl2000 marshydro that I have. Big improvement over the smaller 600 watt LED I had in my tent although it was fine until I upgraded. Built a larger grow room for better assesability and more plants. Very happy with the bigger lights and extra space. Happy growing!
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