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Congrats to our two lucky winners,@Baron Von Blurple. and @Mrlcculus I just know you will enjoy your new lights. Thanks again to Smokesara and Mars hydro foe thinking about us here at 420 and whos numerious giveaways makes us all winners.

What this person said. I concur ;)


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And the second winner, let's congrats to @mrlcculus , you will get our TS 1000 as the winner prize.

Oh my goodness! This is quite a treat to finish up my post stretch defoliation with! Wow! :3:
A big thank you to our long time sponsor Mars Hydro and @SmokeSara for making this possible for all of us here, we're all better off with the support of good sponsors like Mars Hydro. So :thanks::thanks::thanks: this has really brightened my day.
Another big thanks to all of the members who participated, without you this wouldn't have been possible for me. Again :thanks::thanks::thanks:

Blessed, I feel so blessed... :kiss:

Baron Von Blurple

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