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Member of the Month: Aug 2019
Congrats to the winners!
And thanks @SmokeSara for another great contest!

Virgin ground

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Congrats winners.
Thanks for the fun giveaway @SmokeSara !!


Grow Journal of the Month: Dec 2019
Congrats, guys. Awesome!


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Why choose mars hydro? Cause it was the first brand of light i choose to buy also my first tent brand as well. An is still one of the best tents i own. You jus cant beat the quality this price offers so i say mars all the way!!!


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Hey congrats guys!

Fano man

I use led but I run 4x hlg 600 v2 rspec 620 watt and 4 custom samsung 2x4 foot 4 strip samsung double row f series strips on an hlg 480 2100a.... I have 11 strain 5 mature mothers and 6 seedling on the way I'm running an 8 stage perpetual grow and would be interested in a side by side grow I use fully organic nutrients Reverse osmosis water full emerald harvest line and hydroponic moonshine
plus microbe life floriar spray and root dip ... emerald harveste 3 part ... with all additives.... I will be cycling one of these racks in the flower room every week to have a total of 8 racks once the scrogs come out of the way
scrog is purple haze on left
Cha ching in middle
GsC on right
I have a purple diesel mother ready for cloning and several Recon in 3 weeks of flower... I have perfect set up to run 2 racks under a ts1000 next to a hlg 600v2 rspec ... I'm interested in the results I like like hlgs...sell me on mars
this is the veg room
this the custom t5ho clone cart
heres the flower room
Plenty of clones ready to transplant I need to slow em down some how lol
a random bud pic week 4 in flower gonna be some beauties look at the colors already
rainbow nails?! Naw...
what do you say a ts1000 would fit pretty well in there
I think emerald harvest would be interested in this picture ...could say grown by mars hydro ts 1000 and emeral harvest ;)


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Thanks SmokeSara


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Why choose mars hydro well because for the price they have to be able 2 grow medical quality buds you cant beat it an its of such an importance to me cause i help out alot of family and family friends with medical issues an my grandfather just got diagnosed with stomach cancer so now its an even more importance to me to make sure i have the best quality gear i can. An mars hydro has ben proven to be of top qaulity lights and there customer service is great. Every question i had when i got my first ever mars light they answerd with out fail. An they answerd any and all emails with pretty quick response times. With trusted customer service and amazing quality gear mars hydro has everything a medical gardener could dream of. Thanx sara for another great giveaway and good luck to every1.


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Why choose Mars Hydro? Because they really are high quality and my plants are thriving.

:circle-of-love: Thank you Sara :circle-of-love:
Yes they are the best. I have (3) MarsPro Cree128 from Sara. They are 3 years old and still going...

Baron Von Blurple

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Old Salt

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Exciting times BvB congrats


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