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Mars Hydro Summer Sale Giveaway 1/30: 2019.06.25


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Hey what's up growers? Mars Hydro Here again!
Mars Hydro is holding a big Summer promotion during 2019.06.24~2019.07.24 which contains as below:

- All the Mars II, Mars Pro II, Mars Reflector, ECO, COB, 10% OFF :circle-of-love:
- All the anti-smell bags, glasses, 20% OFF :55:
- Buy any light or tent get free anti-smell bag or Mars T-shirts, or Mars Glasses.
- Total purchase above 2000USD, will get our TS 1000 for free; :love::love::love:
- Total purchase above 3000USD, will get our SP-250 or TS 2000 for free. :Rasta::Rasta::Rasta:

And in order to support the Summer Sales, we are also holding a 30 days Giveaway Promotion. Each day, one giveaway, and one winner. Today is the round 1 of 30. :lot-o-toke::lot-o-toke::lot-o-toke: We are going to give out our Anti-smell bags, Mars T-shirts, Mars Glasses each day, and the growers who share the most or participates most at the end might have chance to get our new light: Mars TS 2000 or Mars SP 250.

Now Rules:

- Post under this thread, (each day a new one) with: Mars Hydro Summer Sales is xxxx
- Time: 24 hours begin from now.
- We will pick a random number tomorrow the same time, to get the Prize.
- Prize for this round: Mars Hydro High Quality Anti-smell bag, worth at least 20USD/pc
- Every one can join, and quantity umlimited. :rollit:

Now lets' get the Party Started! :party::party::party:



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Mars Hydro Summer sale is phenominal!


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Mars Hydro Summer sales is a great promotion


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Mars Hydro Summer Sales is Summerific! And their anti-smell bags are smellier on the inside than they are on the outside ;) .

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Mars Hydro summer sale is delightfully unexpected.
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