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Mars SP250 PAR Test & Review


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After all the BS has cleared lets see an honest review. See exactly what this light can do. To me this light is for a 4' by 2' area. Or 2 of them would work well in a 4' by 4' area.


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Thanks. I usually don't bother with video reviews, preferring text (that I can zoom/magnify to suit my good eye's 20:120 vision), but I got a wild hair and accessed your TS-150 review. I basically just listened to it, lol.

Have you got one for their SP-150 model? I can probably infer a bit from your SP-250 one, but am currently trying to consider various possible configurations; I have a pair of the '150s and a TS-1000, along with their 3'x3' (sic) tent. Plus closet space and some unrelated lighting devices.
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