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Maryland Senate Bill 502

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In 2003 Maryland became the ninth state to legalize the medical use of marijuana. The bill applies to defendants possessing less than one ounce of marijuana and who can prove they used marijuana out of medical necessity and with a doctor's recommendation. Under Maryland's medical marijuana law, patients are protected from a criminal record and possible imprisonment. The maximum penalty for possession of marijuana by a patient with a valid doctor's recommendation is $100. Ehrlich, the first Republican governor to sign a bill relaxing penalties for medicinal use of marijuana, signed the measure despite intense pressure from the Bush administration to veto it.


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Does anyone have any suggestions of how to obtain a card? I could be considered a cronic insomniac and honestly smoking herb does help me get a good night sleep. Would this be a valid reason? and where would I want to go to get a card?


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I have seen 4 p-docs over the years and they have all been reefer-madness fanatics. I think they are conditioned like this by the pharmaceutical companies. I think they get so many perks from them that we will have to wait for the next generation of doctors just to get honest care.

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All the law does is let you slide with a fine for 1 oz or less.

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anyone know whats going on with this? anyone gotten a rec? can rec. a doctor to get a rec? gotten caught with weed and rec? what happened ect ect...
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