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Hey man not from mass but 20 mile or so south on 146. Cant say where got a warning for using state name. Are you a chef by profession? I'm a chef. Thought that would be coincidence. Then remembered every chef or cook is using somthing. Lol!! Nice to meet ya
Why did you get a warning for using your state name? Is it illegal to grow your own medicine there?


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Hey! Pretty new here, but I've noticed a few of us are from Massachusetts so I figured I's start a thread for us "Massholes". :D

To start, here are what I believe are the legal limits for cannabis in MA:
  • Up to 10oz. flower allowed in your home for personal use
  • 6 plant maximum for adults who live alone
  • 12 plant maximum for 2+ adults living in the same household
  • Unlimited amount of flower (only from home grown plants)
Its 12 max on plants but that 10 ounce thing is a joke its what ever they yield period even if its ten pounds.


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South Shore here (Foxboro area).

6 plants per adult in the residence! That's 6 for me, 6 for the wife!


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A very nice mess up by the weather guys! Been on the deck trimming for the greater part of the day. Nice and breezy. How about the rest of you #MassGrAssHoles? Good weather? I did hear rumbles in the distance.

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