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Massive Drug Bust In Vekol Valley

Jim Finnel

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A multi-agency operation, lead by the Arizona Department of Public Safety, nabbed 3,020 pounds of marijuana and the arrest of 49 suspects.

That operation began Wednesday in Vekol Valley, and ended Sunday.

"Seizing this much marijuana will make a substantial impact in depriving drug smugglers from their profits. The scope of the problem in Vekol Valley was so large that only a multi-state task force of this size could make a difference. DPS is proud to have led this effort," said Robert Halliday, director of the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

DPS said the Vekol Valley operation is just one way to group resources to cut down on the number of drugs, guns and money coming from both sides of the border.

"The sharing of intelligence resources between, state, county and federal authorities was the key to seizing tons of marijuana being prepared for distribution across the country," said Halliday.

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