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MassMan Perpetual Indica & Sativa Garden


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Right now I have 4 plants in Veg and I have three in Flower
I am currently running a Veg Box that has four plants in there. I am running a T-5 light and a small fan for circulation. Maintaining a temperature of around 82 degrees.

1) Pyramid Seed Feminized Tutankhamun
! Pyramid Tutankhamon Feminised Seeds - Herbies Seeds
Flowering:60-65 days
Hybrid: 80% Sativa 20% Indica
Currently it has been vegging 14 days from sprout.
Soil I am using is Pro-Mix and has a PH of 6.6
Currently in a small pot and will be transferred over to 1 gallon Aero Pot this weekend.
I am currently using Fox Farms Nutrients for all my grows but will be going to different nutes for flowering
since the Tiger Bloom keeps bombing my PH in the soil of my girls in my flower tent.

2) 3 Seedsman Hawaiian Skunk Haze (regular freebies from my recent order)
! Seedsman Hawaiian Skunk Seeds - Herbies Seeds
Hybrid: 62.5 % indica / 37.5 Sativa ( Hawaiian Indica x Skunk #1)
Currently it has been 14 days from sprout.
Soil I am using is Pro-Mix and has a PH of 6.4
Currently in a small pot and will be transferred over to 1 gallon Aero Pot this weekend.
I currently have two that have significant spacing between the nodes and are growing faster and will sex
them this weekend after transplant. I believe that these are males. Also two of the Hazes appear to be a sativa dominant instead of Indica dom. The two that appear like this are believed to be the males of the bunch.

My Flower area is a 3x3x6 tent
In this tent my lighting is as follows
Air Cooled 600 Watt dimmable (Currently at 300 watt due to heat)
180 watt LED UFO light (that will go back to the veg box when temps go back down)
Running 2 6 inch inline fans that are hooked up to a carbon scrubber and one is hooked up to bring fresh air into the tent.
1 6 inch high velocity inline fan that is cooling the light.
1 Tower Fan

In this flower tent I currently have three plants and they are as follows.

1) 2 710 Genetics Blue Chemdawg (feminized)
! 710 Genetics Blue Chemdawg Feminised Seeds - Herbies Seeds
Genetics: BlueBerry x Chemdawg (mostly indica)
Currently 30 days into Flower
Soil: I am currently using Pro-Mix soil mixed with Dolomite Lime and Verm at a 60% soil to 40% Verm
They are currently in 5 gallon aero pots

I am currently having problems with these plants. The Tiger Bloom bombed my PH in my soil. I flushed them the other day with 6.5 Ph water and got the soil back to 6.5 but then I went to water them feed them the other with reduced amount of Tiger Bloom and the soil PH had bombed again. I am really starting to get frustrated and dont think I will ever use Fox Farms Tiger Bloom again.

2) 1 Female seeds White Widow x Big Bud (Feminized)
! Female White Widow X Big Bud Feminised Seeds - Herbies Seeds
Genetics: White Widox x Big Bud
Soil: I am currently using Pro-Mix soil mixed with Dolomite Lime and Verm at a 60% soil to 40% Verm
They are currently in 5 gallon aero pots

I am currently having the same problem with this plant as the Blue Chemdawgs.

Now that you know what I am growing a little about me. I am a medicinal patient in Massachusetts and I medicate to keep my PTSD at bay. I have two grows under my belt and to say neither one was really successful. My first grow I grew bag seed and out of 8 seeds got 2 females and got about an ounce from each one as I severely stressed them out trying to figure out what I can do and what I cant do. My second grow was a little bit more successful but I was running my HOS at 600 watts and burnt my babies and stunted them pretty damn good. I ended up getting about 3/4 ounce off of each plant. So needless to say it has been a learning curve for me. I found this website a couple weeks ago and having dong a lot of studying and learning allot of information (sometimes a little to much). I figured I will sign up and keep a perpetual journal with pictures going instead of a written out log. This way I can share and get help when needed.

I will post pictures of my girls in veg and in flower later this evening when I get a chance.


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re: MassMan Perpetual Indica & Sativa Garden

Here's some pictures of what I got going on.
The one on the far left is HH3 and have a suspicion that it may be a female.
The second one is the Tut. These two plants stand about five inches tall and will be topped tomorrow night when I feed them. They will be in veg till they are at least 12 inches tall.
The two on the right are the HH1 and HH2 and are believed they may be males. I am going to transplant them into 1 gallon air pots this weekend and will put them under 12/12. I've seen some grows around the net and seen these actually be females and get incredibly big for inside grow tents so I'm not going wait on these two just in case. These two plants also seem to be more sativa dominant also.

This is the grow tent. The lady I. The back left is the wwxbb the two plants I. The front are the blue chem.


Blue chemsawg


Tiger bloom bombed my soil but flushed it back to 6.5


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re: MassMan Perpetual Indica & Sativa Garden

1) blue chem got her first feeding since the flush. Fed her 10 ml grow big, 15 ml tiger bloom. Ph'd to 6.5 run off was around 6.4. Also did some minor defloiation


2) blue chem also received 10ml grow bit, 15ml tiger bloom. Ph'd to 6.6 run off 6.4. Also did some minor defoliation

3) WWxBB also received 10ml grow big, 15ml tiger. Ph'd 6.4 run off 6.3. Also did some minor defoliation

Now it's time for my favorite part the veg stage.
HH1 pulled down to get light under the skirt and transplanted to 1 gal aero pot. Fed with 5ml grow big and ph'd water. No run off tested

HH2 and 3 pulled down to get light under skirt. Fed with 5ml grow bit and ph'd water. No runoff tested.

Tutunkhamon pulled down to get light under her skirt (feminized). Fed with 5ml grow big and ph'd water. No run off tested.

I've decided against throwing HH2 and 3 into veg this weekend. I am going to run and get a new tent for veg and do away with the box. Also was looking at Rock brand nutrients. If anyone has any experience with these nutes I would like to know about the bloom does it bomb the PH like grow big.


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re: MassMan Perpetual Indica & Sativa Garden

Blue Chem 1 isswelling up pretty good. Gave her water three days ago anticipate feeding on Thursday and then will be the flush.

The big bud x white widow is coming along. Gave her water three days ago and anticipate feeding on Thursday and the will be the flush

Blue chem 2 is started flowering about a week after one and quite noticeably I got to different pheno's as this one is bushier taller and producing a lot more flowers. Gave a watering three days ago and will give two more feelings and then I will see were she stands.

I threw Hawaiian haze 3 in the flower tent on Saturday. I was running out of room in the veg box since I was only going to top this plant. No sex yet it is a regular seed if it is a female I might be screwed with the stretch. Doing some research though on this strain and sexing it the sativa dominant in MOST cases end up male but I seen some grows were the sativa dominant female have grown like crazy and if this is the case super cropping will be done.

The veg box from left to right Tut and HH3, HH3

Tut got a feeding of grow big and cal/mag and is being trained

HH3 this one appears to be more indica and got a feeding of grow big and cal mag

HH2 this one appears to be sativa dominant and got a feeding of grow big and cal mag


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re: MassMan Perpetual Indica & Sativa Garden

Took Hawaiian haze out of flower room this evening as it showed me that it was a dude. Took down the ww x bb and a blue chem don't have weights but will have pictures tomorrow. They were 90% cloudy and 10% amber.... Good thing I flushed instead of fed on Thursday on both plants.

Moved the two remaining Hawaiian haze and the tut to the flower tent and will transplant them tomorrow to five gallon aero pots. I know I shouldn't transplant during flower but it is so early it might not affect anything I just didn't have the head space in my veg area.

Depending on if any of these hawaiin haze seeds are females depends on what I throw into dirt next. If two of them are females I will just do a fem trainwreck. If it's only one female I will do 1 trainwreck and 2 reg hh. Of none are females I will do 2 hh
, 1 trainwreck and 1 tut.

Need to place an order for seeds soon


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re: MassMan Perpetual Indica & Sativa Garden

Smoke report for WWxBB .... Lay back and chill

Smoke report Blue Chem 1 = typical chem dawg flavor missing blueberry I think. Decent smoke and tried little nug and felt retry damn good

Blue chem 2 is still packing on weight. I was going to flush but I am going to feed it one more time as I think it still has a couple more weeks


Hawaiian haze 1 hoping it's a female as it is a pretty plant

Hawaiian Haze 2 that shows the same characteristics as the the male I pulled but not showing balls yet


And now a family picture.

All plants fed straight water. I transplanted the three smallins to 5 gallon aeros with Ocean Forest and will use plain water for at least two weeks or until they show signs they need nutes. None of them are showing sex yet, still waiting on day one of flower for the three. Blue chem 2 is at 8 weeks from flower going to take longer than the other two. The others were ready at 8 weeks.


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re: MassMan Perpetual Indica & Sativa Garden

Tut and Hawaiian Haze #1 both are showing lady parts as of today so today I will consider day 1 of flower for the lovely ladies.
Hawaiian Haze #2 isnt showing any sex yet but its traits are that of the last male that I pulled. I was thinking of pulling some pollen if it is a male but I am not sure.

Right now I am awaiting the sex of the HH #2 to determine what I am going to plant next. Trainwreck is going to get dropped. I will be dropping some NLxOG reg seeds but I dont want to be swamped with females either...... decisions decisions !!!


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re: MassMan Perpetual Indica & Sativa Garden

So it appears that HH2 is also a female.... This is gonna be a cool grow this time. One strain of HH appears to be indica trait dominant while the other HH appears to be more sativa dominant. Gonna be an interesting smoke report in about two months. Pictures to follow just have to let the camera charge up a little.


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re: MassMan Perpetual Indica & Sativa Garden

Wow nice setup and congrats on the harvest! Shame about the blue chem not being up to scratch as I was looking forward to doing one myself on my next grow maybe I'll try the blue ox first.. :goodjob:


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re: MassMan Perpetual Indica & Sativa Garden

Smokey I think this next blue chem I have coming along will be a lot better.

Here are some updated pictures

Blue Chem she got the flush last night and she will most likely be chopped in the next week or so. Tricks are all cloudy and expect to see some amber in the next few days.

Some bud shots

Next is the Tut this is going to be a beautiful plant and looking to see her blossom

Here is where it is going to be fun to watch how these Hawaiian Skunk are going to grow.
Here is the one that appears to be sativa dominant and when the stretch begins I am most likely goingto have to super crop. Happy I topped her..

Here is the one that appears more indica dominant going to be fun watching the difference in these two plants

Now a family picture.



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re: MassMan Perpetual Indica & Sativa Garden

Nice pics :)

You are growing some nice strains and have beautiful girls!

May I add, it would be wise to check the ph run off as it is a good indicator of possible signs of deficency's ect..

Nice job tho! :)

Edit:- my apologies you do check run off .. I will be quiet ;)


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re: MassMan Perpetual Indica & Sativa Garden

Alright let's start with what happened first. I cut the blue chem down. I saw an amber trich and that was all it took. I make for PTSD so not a big fan of couch lock do nothing. Here is a picture of harvest. I got two trays worth like this

I did this last Saturday trimmed them before dry as I find it easier and save thc from falling off when drying. I then jarred them today and sampled it. A very nice high a couple tokes and I was good. Here is aid true of the bud before meeting it's doom.

Now let's get to the tent. I gave them a light feeding tonight as I don't know what they haven't used up in the soil yet. I am currently on 8 days flowering.
I will start with the Tut. She is stretching nice and is showing some nice bud shots.
Feed with 1/4 strength bloom nutes and 2-0-0 cal / mag. Ph'd to 6.6 run off 6.5

Canopy shot

My favorite plant as of right now and is the Hawaiian Skunk that is showing the indica dominance. Lots of budding spots
Feed with 1/4 strength bloom nutes and 2-0-0 cal/mag. PhD to 6.5 runoff 6.4

Canopy shot

Budding spots

Here is the Hawaiian skunk #2 that is showing sativa dominance.
Feed with 1/4 strength bloom nutes and 2-0-0 cal/mag and ph'd water to 6.6 run off 6.4

Canopy shot

Dropped three seeds this evening. I dropped
1- greenhouse - trainwreck - feminized
2- local breeder - OG Kush x Northern Lights - reg seeds

I also got a pest in my area !!!! But he's lucky he's an awesome buddy

Now a full tent picture. The seedlings will be moved to veg chamber when they sprout.



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re: MassMan Perpetual Indica & Sativa Garden

Day 12 of flower and they are putting on quite the stretch since the last update since day 8.

Tutunkhamon is going strong no defencies run off maintaining 6.4

Hawaiian Skunk 1 doing good maintain run off 6.5. This is the indica dominant plant and I am excited to see how much she puts out. Everywhere you look in her there are bud sites

Hawaiian Skunk 2 is my fun plant and also my problem plant. This is the sativa dominant plant and boy does it show it. Having a ph issues right now my run off is 5.8 which I don't understand why when the other plants are maintaining a good ph ?

Now for a family photo with a five day difference

Now on to the veg box. I have 2 out 3 seeds pop so far. The ones that have popped is a fem trainwreck and a reg NLxOG



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re: MassMan Perpetual Indica & Sativa Garden

Day 46 flower .... Not been a fun grow so far.... My Tut hermied on me and noticed it today. Removed the nanners and the buds that were showing pollination. It was all low popcorn nugs so I trimmed those and they are now drying separately.

Hawaiian Skunk - indica - noticed three seed pods with no male parts around it all. Thinking it got pollenated from the tut.

Hawaiian skunk -sativa- no seed pods noticed at all. It this plant has been stressed forever and a day. I'll be surprised of anything even comes of this plant.

I stressed the hell out of these plants when I moved them upstairs for the winter because the basement gets to cold. We'll we had a few days with high heat and I fought high temps and humidity. With a combo of cal / mag def..... Yup it's all my fault should've paid better attention.

I've got 4 plants in veg and they are trainwreck , NLxOG, white strawberry skunk and a lemon Kush. Pictures soon to follow.


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re: MassMan Perpetual Indica & Sativa Garden

Here are they pictures here is the tut that hermied on me. I have read that the tut has a tendency to hermie. I have one more bean to drop. If I notice anymore nanners on this plant it is going to get turned into

It could be the genetics or it could've been the heat stress I'll just keep an eye on her. She is at 46 days into flower and the breeder states that the plant goes 60-65 plus so we will see. I'm drying out a nug right now to test just incase

Here is the Hawaiian skunk that has the indica traits. Not to impressive but she has about three weeks to finish and should pack on a few more grams. Found three seeds all on the same branch with no male parts found in the vicinity or on the plant. So I decided to keep these seeds and did t get the chop.

Here is my real problem child. The Hawaiian skunk ( sativa dom ) this plant has suffered from heat and cal / mag lock out due to PH .... Fixed now .... Hopefully this plant is going to at
East be another five weeks if not more from the stress.

Kind of embarrassing family photo.....

Now for the veg box. A couple leaves are turning due to root bound. I've been busy over the past two weeks and neglected my plants and now I'm paying for it. It these have turned around. From left to right Trainwreck, NLxOG,Lemon Kush, and Strawberry Skunk


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re: MassMan Perpetual Indica & Sativa Garden

Little update had to pull the Tut as more nanners were found. Still have the Hawaiian skunks going the indica one I believe will be finished maybe next weekend but the sativa one is going to be a while thinking three maybe four weeks

Moved the NLxOG into the tent to sex and it turns put its a male so that is getting thrown out. Threw the trainwreck not the flower tent has not shown sex yet so not counting flowering time yet.

I will be transplanting my strawberry skunk and lemon Kush into their final pots and maybe throw the strawberry skunk in flower depending of I have room in my veg chamber for those two in their final pots along with 2 NLxOG seedlings and 1 seedling each of Tut and G13x blue headband
Pictures to follow in a little bit


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re: MassMan Perpetual Indica & Sativa Garden

Pulled Hawaiian skunk (indica) on Sunday saw my first couple amber tricks and that is enough for me. I said screw it and threw the Lemon and Strawberry in the flower tent.

Dropped 6 more NLxOG seeds. Hoping out of the 8 NLxOG seedlings hoping that atleast 4 are females.

Today is also day 1 of Flowering for my Trainwreck. Pictures hopefully to follow tonight if I don't get to medicated


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Finally getting around to a picture update. This one still has a bunch of time just starting to fatten up and pistols are still shooting out white.

Trainwreck that is at day 6 of Flowering

Strawberry skunk at day 4 of flowering

Lemon Kush at day 2 of flowering

Now in the veg box. The front left is Tut and the right is a G13 x Blue-headband and the back two are NLxOG

The four unlabeled are NLxOG and one GSC that I am testing for a care giver friend. As soon as 4 plants go to the flower tent the. I am dropping ten more GSC to to really test them.


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Can't wait I am going to be getting an ACDC clone !!!! So pumped to get a chance to get this strain around me now. Hopefully the high CBD content helps more throughout the day.
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