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Master Kush - Pueblo CO


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Strain Name-- Master Kush
From-- Pueblo West Organics
When-- 6/4/2013
Price-- $160 oz.
Type-- Indica
Appearance-- Nice medium dense nugs with purps.
Smell-- Musty, Pungent
Taste-- Smooth, earthy, rich with a little citrus flavor, touch of bitter aftertaste perhaps could possibly have been flushed / cured better.
Type of Buzz-- Stoney mind, Body high. Smoke enough and it will leave you crosseyed and drooling.
Length of Buzz-- 45 mins - 1 hour
Best Medicinal Use-- Insomnia, depression, anxiety, stress
Overall-- Enjoyable to smoke with plenty of stone but I need more on the pain relief side and this does make me sleepy so not the motivational morning smoke. Great for bedtime, especially if you have lower tolerance.

I give this a solid 8.7 on my nug-o-meter. I believe this could be even better if properly fed / cured.

Have image but can't seem to upload. Sort of takes the wind out of my sails. Had planned to write up reviews on BlowFish, White Fire OG, UK Cheese, Pre 98 Bubba Kush, Romulan Cotton Candy, Louie Vuitton OG Kush, Emerald Jack OG, Alaskan Ice, The Holy Grail, Blue God, Cold Creek Kush, Connie Chung, Epic Blueberry and many more. This however will be my last pictureless review.


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Master Kush is an awesome strain... My description of it would be very similar to the one of Leftwich. Will get you from point A to point B. (Point A meaning not stone and point B meaning fu***ng wasted!!)

(From a seed from Nirvana Seeds)


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Amazing what you can get from one single seed :)


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better late than never... nice budz right here !!! :peace2:

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Master Kush was the 1st (night time oil concentrate) I made and produced some of the cleanest sleep I ever had ! Since then I have tried OG's and it never compared to Master Kush for shutting down the wheels. Love it!
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