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Here are some of my pics you guys/gals here at 420 Rated 5 stars...
From me to "you" Thank you all very much, Matanuska Valley...!
I love to take photos of Cannabis...
What can I say.... :goof:









It is fun to try and figure out what should go into the pic to enhance it's value. I know the plant or bud shots are not bad, I just want everyone to have even more to discuss after looking at it. And if there is something really cool with it, well - more people go and look and thats what it is all about.

And for all of you that go look - start rating the Pics you look at wherever or whatever site your on. This is how the artist gets feedback on what works and what doesn't.

Whether anyone realizes it or not........Growing is work!! And it is nice to be rewarded for that work. If it be monetary, quality, or self-esteem - it is a reward. Something every artist strives for in their life.

Thank You

PS: He is very lucky to have Mrs. MV - but We get along pretty good and like most of the same things in life, and that helps. It is Compatability!
MRS. MV - Grow Administrator
omg, that's just fucking beautiful
Here are some new 1's plus some old 1's ...
The first 3 are new and the last 3 are old... :icon_cool
There got to be at least 1 you like...! :hmmmm:
If they have been rated by someone already you can still rate that photo
1 to 5 stars...!

Thank you
MV... :smokin:





God made pot..!Man made beer..! Who do you trust..?

I just downloaded 20 more... :goof:
These plants still have 30 days flowering left..
Now they will get fat and put the weight on...!
They are only golfball size buds now...
I really like the way the resin drips on these W/W..
Most of these plants are clones this time round...
I have a few re-veg plants that are just nicely buding now.... :hmmmm:

Thank you

MV... :smokin:







Thank you bro...
My pics have took off in here and it's really cool.. :icon_cool
I am finely staring to see the numbers on some of my old pics cool...
I think my new 1's are better tho.... :hmmmm:
The last 100 pics that I put in here...
I feel I took a step up in my pics, I tried something new..
I think they look cool and it's only going to get better from here on out....!
I got some new pics coming out soon but it will take me a little time to work out everything and how I can do it and the time frame...
I am on 377 photos in here now and when I hit the 420th photo I want something nice really nice for
420 "Rob" and the site and all the members

Thank you

MV... :smokin:

Write on it!


I almost forgot..... :hmmmm:
Today is my Brithday 3/21 and I am on my way to work... :jerkit:
Good day to you all..... :laughtwo:

MV.... :smokin:
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