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Matanuska ThunderFuck:green_heart:

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On the last pic you can actually see the pollen on the leaves! I wish I could have tried some of that strain, it looks superb! I went to a party in LA about 25 years ago and I remember some of the guys talking bout thunderfuck. I remember thinking that they were fos but now I wish I would have payed closer attention. LOL You hear stories all the time about certain strains that were manifest in hells kitchen lol. I know one thing is for sure if I have my way I will taste all of the greats before my health finally gives in.
Lord Indica :thanks::Namaste:





Aussiegreen hope that helps you bro...:thumb:


Thank you budski82...:high-five:
We have broke all records up till 1969 with snow fall and it's awsome Dec 31 we hit 150" of snowfall. As of Jan 1, 2012 and it aint stopped. they shut the town down that I live in yesterday 1/5/12012. cop's told everyone to go home and shut ALL businesses DOWN...
The weather m/w calling for at least a week more of this :love: :high-five:

MV... :popcorn:
Hey MV, great pics and the ones of the snow made me think back when I was in Detroit. It was the blizzard of 78 and man did we get dumped on. You guys keep warm and your powder dry. :peace:
There calling in the National Guard to help us here in Cordova Alaska we got well over 12' feet of snow and now its raining like a bitch been up all nite getting snow off my roof 8 building have claps now and boats are sinking in harbor...
sorry can't see lost my glasses last nite...
so far we all so have had 3 Avalanche's last night will get pics in daylight...


Just to let everyone know, MV's amazing snow photos have been moved to their own thread in the Off Topic - Miscellaneous forum. Feel free to go check them out there if you want to see them. The title of the thread is called, "Matanuska Valley's Misc. Picture Thread".

Hope you and Alaska Lady are staying safe and warm up there, MV! :Namaste:
All is well is well here in the BIG city of Cordova Alaska...
That is what I did basementdwell got a couple buddy's and smoked them out and handed the shovels out...

Here are some old pics, hate blank pages...



LMAO, they are the same two plants that are in POTY Contest.:high-five:
Just 2 weeks older thats all...:love:

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