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Wow! Is it MV, Wow again I`m new here and just followed 88 pages of some of the best weed, killer shit I have ever seen! The plants are magnificant and loved! Your work speaks for itself. The lighting and sutle back ground additions really work. Looks like I have to tighten up to compare with those beuttys!:goodjob::welcome:
Great stuff!! Just got new camera so been getting hang of it. Have mystery nugget in photo gallery pic got seeds in grab-bag gift with scratch off tickets. We can only ? what it is. It had good purple that faded and friend chopped the hell put of buds(PISSED) I leave course, any going to frame it. Just smoke it! Added pic that under close-up you can see "broken glass" for cyrstals. 3-4 Hits and your wasted almost a narc/drunken sedative buzz. You stubble around like your drunk!! It`s not smooth, KICKS you in the cheast and explodes not just expandes. Hope back heals up! Im on feet 10-12 hours a day/6 a week. At 47 lucky back is still good, my knees are whats wore out! Stay in school kids and get desk job! When 25 could carry 2 bundles of shingles up ladder 2 storys and go all day. Now if my hat blows away I`ll buy a new one instead of chasing!! Great work!!
:thanks: :peace: :surf:

Great pics, love the ladies.

No sorry's necessary...take care of yourself

Yes sir re-Bob! Looks like she is tring to go thru the roof!! Never had to use step ladder to check top buds. That would be cool, very heathy plant. You can tell she`s got the right amounts of the good love-in! Great work!( not work if you love just looking at them besides enjoying there "fruits") Got 6 seeds to germinate, some mystery indica dominate feminized. They will be outside plants and if all goes well. Will have some pic`s for review, can only hope for results like this!!!

:goodjob: :peace: :bravo:
Isn't she pretty! Looks like her arms are reaching for heaven in praise!
DAM!! Have you seen that hindu or buddist, think it`s hindu. Anyway (still in awe!) it`s a female statue sitting legs crossed,with 6 or 8 arms and her palms are raising up. This shot in my mind at first site. I will bow to this!! DAM!! Thanks MV (I`ll take any plants that dont meet your standards and don`t want,just let me know!!!) :goodjob::welldone:
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