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Matt's Soil Grow - Lemon Skunk - Trainwreck - Pink Plant


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As Propa Gator said tis normaly better to have a node above the cut. Roots will grow from the node faster than the stem... I even try to make my final 45 deg cut through a node.

cool, thanks Mark. makes things a lot clearer thanks to you guys.

Love this place!!!!:adore:


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I try to also leave a node on the plant so it will grow new tops. If needed I can post a pic for you to see a node I left to grow after snipping a clone.

ITs alright man, thank you. I should be alright. I'm probably just gonna give it a week to start taking cuttings to make sure its big enough. Thanks again for all the help!


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Hello everyone, time for a little up date. was able to get some dolomite lime for the ph issue, I added some to the soil and washed it in. the skunk and tw were topped on 1/12 and then again today. hoping to get them nice and bushy. going to start some lst soon.


decided to drop a super lemon haze bean and the church. excited about these two.

hope everyone has a good weekend.

Happy growing!!


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Thanks Corey!! I noticed some roots coming out of the bottom of the 1gal pots, so I transplanted yesterday to 2.5 gal pots. I hoping for some good growth now that they have some room for their roots. Here are a couple pics.

Today began 12/1 for these 2. very excited to see some results.
Lemon Skunk


and the SLH is up and ready to start her journey.

the church has sprouted and is out of the ground, just waiting for her to ditch the seed shell.

I'll get some more pics up for you guys a little later.

Happy Growing!! :thumb:



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:cheer: the church took a little longer than the SLH but better late than never. shes ready to join the rest of the party.:party: hope everyone has a great night. :peace: stay medicated!

Happy Growing



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Here are some more pics..

my clone area..using 4 23w 6500k daylight cfls

group shot with the dome off..

and here are all the seedlings beginning their voyage to medicine.

the slh

the church


I thought monster was gonna be a dud. it poked through the top and then came all the way out and layed on its side. picked it back up and buried it in a 1/4" hole with the seed almost flush with the top soil. after a couple days, she emerged. hoping this one fares better than the pink plant.

take it slow my friends!!

happy growing!



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Thanks Mark!! I believe the yellowing tips are normal. correct me if I'm wrong.

I took 2 more cuts each from the lemon skunk and trainwreck. they are under the dome with the rest of the clan. :party:

Here are the TW and LS during their hour of light.



Well :420: That's all for now. I sincerely hope you guys are enjoying yourselves as much with this grow as I am. I hope to do the BPN army proud. thanks again Corey!! much apppreciated.

Happy Growing! :peace:



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decided to do some supercropping yesterday...looking forward to seeing how it works out. was a little nervous trying it for the first time, I didn't want to snap anything but everything looks all set.


I brought the super lemon haze and church in with the rest of the crew. they should be alright.

the clones are still looking pretty good. a little wilting, but I think that's from the heat of the cfls. now that the slh and church are in with the rest of the gang, I have my flat and dome under my t5.

take it slow :420: stay medicated!! :peace:

happy growing :thanks:


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Howdy folks, back for a little update. The trainwreck is getting really bushy with tops everywhere. very excited about this one.

The lemon skunk is coming along nicely.

The SLH and church are looking nice as well. still very small, but very healthy looking. I'm having the same result with the moster seed from EVA. sprouted and then stalled and now starting to turn black. just glad I didnt pay for those duds. here is a pic of the SLH and church.

and here is a group shot including the blue cheese bagseed fem from my other journal.

looking forward to giving you guys some bud porn in the future. I'll be back with another update in a week or so. have a great weekend folks.

Happy Growing.



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Hey :420: Hope you all are enjoying your week. I'm back for a little update.

Trainwreck is definitely looking healthy and I'm starting to get her to bush out nicely. 11" tall yesterday when the pic was taken.

The lemon skunk is doing well. almost 9.5". I'm noticing an odd color in the leaves, its a little blotchy, not burnt or anything. just a little camouflage looking. It seems the new growth has less and less of this pattern. Im gonna go out on a limb here(pun intended) and just keep an eye on it to make sure. My soil ph is right where it needs to be around 6.4, and they are getting nutes every other watering. :MoreNutes: Its still growing away nicely though.

Here is a shot of them together.

The SLH and Church are both doing well. I transplanted both yesterday to 2.5gal. pots
The Church


and a group shot with the bc

I'm very happy with how everything is going. I'll get some pics of the clones and the monster(could be a "non" dud...we'll see) when I get in my veg room.

Take it slow friends. stay medicated!!! :peace:

Happy Growing!! :439:


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Whats up guys? hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm back for a little update, nothing major.

decided to do some more supercropping on the trainwreck last night. gonna wait a little longer to apply it to the lemon skunk.

One of the lemon skunk clones is showing roots now, I'm very excited about that. hoping the other 5 take as well.

thats it for now. hoping the skunk or tw shows it's sex soon. until then, stay medicated friends. :peace:

Happy Growing
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