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Matt's Soil Grow - Lemon Skunk - Trainwreck - Pink Plant


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Super cropping scares me still. But I like how you have done it. Do you have to do it when plants are short? What would be the best height to start doing it?


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Thanks QT, I was scared too when I first tried it, hell it still kind of freaks me out lol. I dont really have a set time I decide to do it. This time around, I just waited until I thought the growth was long enough. I started with the 4 main shoots, after they healed up I topped those and waited for the 8 new shoots to get about 4-5" long and went at them again.


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Just placed some bean orders. I'm looking forward to adding these strains to my perpetual grow.

From Nirvana Im going with 5xAK48 and 5xBlue Mystic

and from attitude I got 2xGHS Bubba Kush, 1xBarney's Red Cherry Berry, 1xGHS Kalashnikova, 1xWorld of Seeds Medical Collection Afghan Kush x Skunk, 1xUFO#1 Delicious Seeds La Diva Auto, 1xUFO#2 World of Seeds Legend Collection Strawberry Blue, 1xEmerald Triangle Seeds Emerald Jack, 1x Emerald Triangle Seeds Grapefruit Krush and 1x Emerald Triangle Seeds Trinity Kush. The last 3 were for their monthly promotion, I like free seeds so I figured what the hell lol

I can't wait to try some of these out. Ive always wanted to check out an auto but didn't want to spend the dough, I'm glad I got one as a freebie.

Stay Medicated friends

Happy Growing :thumb:


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Howdy folks, quick little update with some pics to follow tonight. got some of my new beans today, just waiting on nirvana now. looking forward to trying out some these.

the skunk and trainwreck are at the end of their first week of flowering. they look great! both of them turned out to be females..:cheer: I ended up with 3 cuts of each that have all rooted. holy shit is that lemon skunk stretching already! cant wait to see how this one flowers.

the slh and church are doing well. can tell that slh is gonna shoot for the sky already!! they were topped 3 days ago.

im trying to figure out whats up with some leaves on the church. a few of them are showing up with holes and missing ends. ill get some good shots up tonight. wondering if the culprit could be a leaf miner?? its the only plant suffering from it in the veg room. they're all in soil from the same bag, trainwreck/lemon skunk included. I decided to let a no pest strip chill in there for a few hours last night. I'll probably do the same for a few days.

anyways...stoned and can't shut up. I'll get some pics for you guys once lights go back on.

Take it slow friends, stay medicated!!!

Happy Growing



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I put La Diva freebie in some water. I've always wanted to try an auto but didn't want to drop the dough, guess this is my chance.



mmmm... you know im just looking at this gorgeous collection you have here and I keep picturing how delicious thats all going to be. I mean youll have such a big selection! well, I am very very jealous man. there lookin fantastic


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Welcome Thinkerr, enjoy the fun!

mmmm... you know im just looking at this gorgeous collection you have here and I keep picturing how delicious thats all going to be. I mean youll have such a big selection! well, I am very very jealous man. there lookin fantastic
Thanks mud, I really appreciate it!

Your plants look awesome MattyTrips :circle-of-love::adore::cheer:

I am growing some K-train from GHS at the moment and I am very curious to see the resemblance to your trainwreck;):smokin2:

I hope you don't mind me joining along this late?? =)=)...+reps for a great start

Its never too late for missbud. :thumb: thanks for the reps :Namaste: I hope the K-train works out for you, Id like to grow some in the future. I've heard pretty good things about it.

Thanks for stopping in guys. Hope you're all having fun. I'll have some pics up in a few.

Happy Growing, stay medicated!!



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Alright :420:. I was having trouble getting my pics to load yesterday but we're all set now.

Here are some shots of the Lemon skunk. the ls and tw are 11/12 days into flower.





The super lemon haze after some lst

the church

Here is a few from my blue cheese in dwc journal.


Everything is going really well. I'm very happy with the results from the bpn. :MoreNutes:Thanks Corey!! :peace::Namaste::thumb: Can't wait for the organic line to arrive!

I started the la diva auto and emerald jack in some water overnight, tossed in a paper towel until I had a decent taproot and in the starter plugs they went this morning. I'll get some pics of those once they emerge.

Hope everyone is enjoying my grow. Take it slow friends, enjoy the long weekend.

Happy Growing, stay medicated!!!



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plants look greats. i read a journal last week where the guy did a bpn VS thread. he abandoned the organic line because the plants fell way behind in growth. bpn said this was due to the fact that the plants need to break down the organic chemicals in order to use them whereas the 2 part 3 part systems they have are immediately available and result in quick aggressive growth compared to the organic stuff.


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I'm gonna give them a shot. I've seen some beautiful plants grown with the organic line. I'm sure I won't be disappointed. I won't mind a little extra time for some primo buds. I'm also gonna keep a couple dwc buckets going in my flower room using the 3 part line with the booster as I am very impressed with the results so far. Im gonna supplement my soil with some beneficial teas to help with the breakdown and absorbtion of the organic nutrients.

I decieded to switch to an ocean forest/happy frog mix instead of the roots.

:peace: :blunt:


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Heya Matty I read the journal and am looking forward to tasting some sweet buds bro. Hope all is well with you and the Family:adore:
Stay Safe, Stay Green
Thanks bro! I really appreciate it. :thumb:

Looking great dude also in NE :48: May all your buds be dank!
Thanks man, always good to see the new englanders tokin it up :high-five:

Looking great.....did church before...indica pheno type i got was Nice....also doing a AK 48 right now...gl on both/all yours .....pulling up a seat :high-five:

thanks a lot. Im really looking forward to the ak..all of them really lol. thanks for coming along.
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