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Maui Diesel


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Strain Name - Maui Diesel
From - I heard it is from Maui. Who knows though!
When - 4/2
Price - $550 oz.
Type -Well, of its a diesel its a mix I think. More of a sativa feel. Buds aren't popcorny though.
Appearance - Light and dark green. A nice dryness, and a little denser than I like. I like fluffy buds.
Smell - Smells... Kind of like it was water cured. Not a lot of smell. Burned its kinda like the diesel, more pungent than one would expect from the plant smell to smoke smell.
Taste - Okay. Less taste than a average diesel.
Type of Buzz - More cerebral, a nice good stone. Tired eyelids, but not couch lock. Definitely strong stuff.
Length of Buzz - 2 to 2 and a half hours. Long buzz.
Best Medicinal Use - Anti-anxiety. Muscle relaxation. Not a good appetite stimulator. Which is one of the main reasons I smoke. I am going to see if I can trade in for a more indica strain.
Overall - A good weed for anyone who doesn't need appetite stimulation! It's good, but this just isn't my bag. Disappointing, because I usually like the hawaiian stuff.


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Here it is! Micro pictures in next post.


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Here are the micros!



Still learning to use my micro camera. OH! and I returned the Maui for some OG Chemdawg. I will post a review if there is some of that batch around still on friday. Now THAT is a good smoke for someone needing appetite stimulation! :thumb:
Thanks for stopping by guys! :peace2:


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Yea. I think of the guy as a criminal. Not for selling herbs,
but for overcharging everyone, even his friends with medical issues.
There are two sides of it. Yea, supply and demand. Yes it is a "business"
for him.
It's top notch smoke, it really is. And I cannot stand anything less anymore.
So... He ends up getting a huge part of my pay check.
The worst part is the dude lies about HIS cost for the smoke. He's thrown around all sorts of numbers. He says he makes maybe $50 per zip, which is BS. When I found out just how cheap it is for him I felt really betrayed. He makes more than 3 times what he pays for it. I really used to consider him a friend too.
At least there is a "return" policy!
I cannot WAIT to start growing myself! :)
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